Amazon Future Engineer scholarship recipient Jailynn Primus shares how the program and internship is kickstarting her career

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Amazon Future Engineer scholarships can change lives

Amazon Future Engineer scholarships can change lives

 January 01, 2020

The Amazon Future Engineer program is designed to increase access to computer science education for students. With applications now open, former recipient Jailynn Primus talks about her drive to excel on the Amazon blog as well as her hope that she can inspire other students.

Meet one of the future Future Engineers

Amazon Future Engineer Jailynn

Jailynn was one of the 100 students to earn a $10,000-a-year Amazon Future Engineer scholarship. Without needing to take on student debt, she is now living in Washington, D.C. where she attends Howard University.

Jailynn developed her passion for STEM while at school and she joined the school's robotics club. No one in the club - not even the teacher - knew how to code and Jailynn decided to give coding a try in order for the club to take part in a robotics competition.

"I like math. So I said, 'Oh, I'll give coding a try,'" Jailynn recalls. "It kept me going, knowing that I was the person the team was relying on to program the robot. We got to the world championship because of our autonomous program, which is what I developed."

However, Jailynn lacked confidence when considering engineering as a future career as she felt that her gender, race, family income, and hometown differ from "stereotypical engineers". Luckily, she was able to push past her doubts and she applied for the Amazon Future Engineer scholarship. 

Jailynn cried when she discovered that she was one of the first 100 Amazon Future Engineer scholarship recipients. She received $40,000 in scholarship money, a paid summer internship at Amazon's Seattle headquarters and, of course, a vote of confidence.

"It's so daunting to me that someone, just from reading about me through the essays that I submitted, would say that I have potential," she said. "It pushes me even to this day to keep doing well and not to give up. Someone out there believes that I have potential to make it big inside the engineering community. I think I could do it, they think I could do it, so I definitely can do it."

Jailynn hopes her success will inspire kids back home in Hardeeville, South Carolina. "A lot of people leave my community and kind of say, 'Oh, I made it out.' And then that's it," she said. "But the kids who are left and families that continue to grow up there, you can't leave them behind because they need someone."

Delver further into Jailynn's Amazon Future Engineer success story.

Changing futures at Amazon

Amazon Future Engineer is designed to help students throughout their schooling. It's a four-part, childhood-to-career program intended to empower and educate 10 million students from underrepresented and underserved communities each year to try computer science.

Learn more about applying for the Amazon Future Engineer scholarship program.

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