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HCL leaders discuss technologies impacting the next decade

 January 28, 2020

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In the video above, women thought-leaders at HCL are envisioning the new opportunities and the limitless potential of transformative technologies.

Four HCL women leaders respond to the important question: Which technologies will have the greatest impact on the next decade? Here are some of their thoughts:

Mona Jain,  Program Director, Engineering and R&D Services at HCL

"AI is already creating a big impact in healthcare industries. By 2030, healthcare systems will also be able to predict risk of diseases in individuals and will also be able to provide preventative solutions."

Rachel Powers, Senior Vice President, Digital Consulting Practice at HCL

"Human-centred design has a significant role in creating a sustainable world. For one, with human centred design being an agile approach to problem solving, it allows you to ask the right questions and really solve unmet needs, human needs, in a really unique and creative way. I think we need strategic creative thinking in order to really start to pivot from how we are currently impacting our earth in order to change it for the better."

Urvashi Sen, Global Director Risk & Compliance at HCL

"Starting with the problem itself and designing innovative, automated solutions to address it from the beginning. This really allows businesses and industries to keep up with rapid changes in customer behaviour and it actually results in a very differently skilled workforce that's more attuned to these types of changes and trends."

Make an impact via tech in a career at HCL

Across the world, women working at HCL are harnessing the limitless potential of new technology that will help shape the future for the better.

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