Capgemini colleagues make a difference through future tech

Capgemini colleagues make a difference through future tech

 May 21, 2020

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Colleagues working at Capgemini have the opportunity to get involved in a variety of initiatives, including the Tech4Positive Futures challenge.

This internal global challenge aims to seek out the best tech solution that can create positive futures by addressing existing societal issues. Capgemini has reported it received hundreds of ideas over the start of 2020 from employees across the Capgemini Group.

The winner of the Tech4Positive Futures Challenge will receive support from Capgemini to build the idea into reality - and the winner is expected to be announced by July 2020.

Capgemini Tech4Postitive Futures Challenge

Insight into Tech4Positive Futures from Capgemini's Lucie

Lucie Taurines, Strategy and Transformation at Capgemini (pictured top) has penned an article explaining how the company's Tech4Positive Futures challenge helps enable a better world.

"We are at the cusp of a new normal and technology will play a big role in shaping our future. Technological interventions can offer innovative and scalable solutions to the social challenges that we face today," writes Lucie.

"Tech4Positive Futures (T4PF) is how we bring together technology, business, and society to create and enable a better world. It is our ongoing endeavor to demonstrate how technology and business can drive positive change."

"While all the T4PF ideas were innovative and future-ready, we chose 13 finalists from 15 countries to compete at a global level for the winning spot," Lucie explains.

A myriad of strong ideas submitted by employees

Lucie's article outlines some of the ideas Capgemini received from colleagues, including:

  • SpeechFirst (a speech therapy tool for stroke survivors)
  • Greener Mailbox (a tech solution making people involved in the management of their mailbox)
  • City Infrastructure Capacity Tracker (a tech solution aiming to create a real-time capacity tracker for key city infrastructure)
  • ​Swasthya Tech (which has the objective to build a technical framework that will provide affordable access to medical assistance)
  • Lego Smart City Lab for IoT Testing (the idea is to develop a smart city environment using Lego bricks)
  • Elixir (which seeks to combat the challenges of water scarcity and quality)
  • m-health application for maternal care (a solution addressing India’s maternal mortality rate)
  • SOS Angels (an app allowing people in trouble to send and receive notifications to get help from people nearby)
  • Enchilada (to tackle food poverty by evaluating and running optimization models for diets)
  • Cyber Square (a solution aiming to create an e-learning 'Cyber Square' platform)
  • The Mission of Umbrella (using ASR (automatic speech recognition) technologies to help the vulnerable)
  • Pursuit of Happiness (a solution to help everyone access to fundamental human needs, such as food, shelter, clothing, education, healthcare, and sanitation)
  • Zero Hunger in Schools (which proposes to optimize food supply to food-insecure children)

For more detailed information on the Tech4Positive Futures challenge and the ideas submitted, read Lucie's full article.

Make a difference in your career at Capgemini 

Capgemini empowers its people to make a difference through initiatives such as Tech4Positive Futures. 

If you have a passion for innovation and want to make an impact through your work, search and apply for a job at Capgemini.


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