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F5 employees and leadership reinforce advocacy for equality

F5 employees and leadership reinforce advocacy for equality

 June 18, 2020

F5's leadership team and employees have pledged their commitment to workplace diversity and inclusion. 

F5 Appreciates Blackness (FAB) employee inclusion group, the Diversity & Inclusion team, alongside its Exec Team, shared the steps F5 is taking as a company to ensure racial equality, diversity and inclusion and the pledge employees are taking as individuals.

"The past month has seen a racial-equality awakening around the world—the likes of which seem to signal real, seismic change," says CEO François Locoh-Donou. "People from all backgrounds standing together - rejecting racism in all forms and raising awareness of the bias and injustice Black people and so many minorities have faced for generations. Companies from all sectors have spoken out, committing to investing in increasing awareness and rejecting racism at a policy level."

"At F5, our commitment to the fight against racism is a foundational part of our culture as a company. We consider diversity and inclusion part of being an F5er."


Unconscious Bias training and skill building for all employees

F5 is continuing its mandatory Unconscious Bias training for all employees. It has gathered anti-racism learning resources for employees from across the company that range from podcasts to parenting advice. It follows the lead of its employee inclusion group, as they sponsor learning events and forums for discussion. 

F5 also builds skills in order to take action. It has skills-based courses for employees available on LinkedIn Learning, and its Diversity & Inclusion Team is leading team workshops on race, unconscious bias, and inclusive leadership. Later this summer, its quarterly, company-wide “Zoom Out Day” will be devoted entirely to topics related to diversity and inclusion.

Personal accountability to take action

And most importantly, F5 employees hold themselves personally accountable to taking action.

The company's recently reinvented hiring program increased its requirements for balanced interview slates, and it is building differentiated leadership development programs for diverse employees, starting with its FAB members.

"But no amount of policies or programs will achieve change if we don’t make it personal. Everyday actions are what will truly make F5 a more diverse and inclusive company," adds François. "I have pledged, as has every member of the F5 Exec Team, to all our employees that we are accountable to these commitments in our words and in our actions."

Executive Vice President and General Manager of F5's Application Services Kara Sprague is among those who have signed the pledge. 

"Today, along with my colleagues on the F5 Executive Team, I'm taking a pledge for racial equality, diversity, and inclusion," she posted on Twitter.

Kara Sprague

Signing the pledge to make change happen

F5 is encouraging its employees to sign and share this pledge personally. It wants their help to hold F5 accountable to making change.

"As I reflect on the past few weeks and all the anger and pain that got us here, I also find myself reflecting on the signs of hope, unity, and real change that defiantly shine through. And it is in those defiant moments of hope, and amidst indications of powerful change, that I also feel an undeniable sense of optimism," continues François.

"I believe change can happen. I believe change is happening. Because although there is a long arc to history, this just feels like one of those times when history happens faster."

"If you share my sense of optimism about the new possibilities—and realities—that change will bring, I encourage you to join in our pledge too. Just like at F5, all are welcome here."

All are welcome at F5

F5's commitment to equality means it understands the value of employee difference and a diverse workforce.

At F5, all are welcome, so search and apply for a job at the company.


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