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Diageo Managing Director is an Ethnic Minority Role Model

Diageo Managing Director is an Ethnic Minority Role Model

 June 23, 2020

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Diageo Managing Director for Africa emerging markets Hina Nagarajan has been recognised by EMpower as one of the Top 100 Ethnic Minority Executive Role Models.

The EMpower Ethnic Minority Role Model Lists are supported by Yahoo Finance and showcase business leaders who are breaking down barriers at work and working hard to smash the ceiling for ethnic minorities in the UK, Ireland, Europe, and people of color in the United States and Canada.

A role model for diversity and inclusion

In her leadership position at Diageo, Hina leads one of Diageo’s most dynamic and culturally diverse regions, allowing her to role model diversity and inclusion practice through prioritising diverse local teams. She runs a cross-country task force for business-critical issues, leveraging the best skills from several countries to resolve problems and build inclusion, and to accelerate African talent development.

Hina mentors colleagues and contributes to REACH, a support group for ethnic minorities. This includes discussions, ideas and experience sharing, events planning and festival celebrations. She also contributes to WeQual Women’s Group UK, Women for Women Beijing, and mentors through the Menttium Cross Corporate Mentoring Platform.

Join empowered women like Hina at Diageo 

Women's work is valued at Diageo, with a range of career support and opportunities offered throughout the company. 

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