Following a challenging career journey, Ute finally landed her dream job as a trainer at one of Amazon's logistics centers in Germany

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Ute at Amazon fulfills her long-term career aspiration as a trainer

Ute at Amazon fulfills her long-term career aspiration as a trainer

 August 18, 2020

Ute's dream has always been to teach. At the age of 64 it finally came true for her.

Ute is a trainer in the new Amazon logistics center in Sülzetal near Magdeburg in Germany.

“Amazon gives everyone a chance who wants to achieve something professionally,” says Ute.

A challenging career journey

It has been 11 years since Ute first stepped into an Amazon logistics center.

“Back then, I started as a picker in Leipzig and picked out items for customer orders.”

 It wasn't always easy for her professionally. “After the fall of the Berlin Wall, I was unemployed for a while. Even though I was only 34 years old, I was often told that I was too old for the job. "

Ute tried self-employment. “The orders fluctuated. The time came when I had to realize that it couldn't go on like this," says Ute.

Then someone told her that Amazon was looking for people.

Impressive professional development

At the age of 55, Ute not only secured a permanent employment contract with Amazon, but also the chance to get started professionally.

“I was promoted and no one said I was too old for anything. What Amazon offers for professional development is not available from any other company, ” she says.

Fulfilling her teaching aspirations

A childhood dream was drawing near for the Leipzig native.

“Originally I wanted to be a teacher, but unfortunately that didn't work out. Instead, I applied specifically for the training area at Amazon.”

The department is responsible for training courses in the logistics centers.

Progressing through the company

Ute has worked her way up from the so-called “co-worker” who supports employees in their on-the-job training, to the instructor, training assistant and right up to her professional goal of being a trainer.

She and other trainers have been responsible for training and further education in the Amazon logistics center in Sülzetal near Magdeburg.

An intense but fulfilling role

The first 3 weeks were a learning phase for her. 

"I had experienced trainers who stood by my side and whom I could ask anything,” explains Ute. “You also take part in all the training courses - with the aim of being able to teach yourself afterwards. It was a very intense, but also very helpful time."

Landing her dream job

Ute would like to get to know all facets of her career aspiration for the next few years.

Following that, her retirement begins: “My job is finally where I wanted to be. It's a very good feeling that I'll take with me. "

Start your dream career with Amazon

The goal of Amazon Logistics is to provide customers with an incredible package delivery experience through the last mile of the order. 

The business continues to grow significantly around the globe, and each person at Amazon is given the opportunity to make an impact by pioneering new ideas, designing and launching global products and programs faster than ever before, and building new teams, systems, and tools from the ground up.

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