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Data science is an integral part of what 84.51 does. Join them!

Data science is an integral part of what 84.51 does. Join them!

 August 27, 2020

Data science has been an integral part of what 84.51° does.

Read about their journey to evolve 84.51° from a descriptive analytics company - to a powerhouse of predictive and prescriptive analytics.

The company offers a vast range of very exciting data-related jobs

The integral nature of data science

Data science has become an integral part of almost all the missions currently underway at 84.51°.

On their journey toward becoming a more predictive and prescriptive solutions provider, they have evolved their project management processes to increase the quality of their tools.

Before they're deployed, their tools are thoroughly researched and tested. They ensure that their science is not only accurate, but also scalable to address important issues.

Read about what the company does and their journey here and get an understanding for the kind of work the company delivers.

Looking for a data-related job?

The career opportunities are wide with 84.51° - Data Scientist, Product Strategy & Innovation, Product Manager, Privacy & Media Compliance, Media Planner ... so many options!

 Research the latest jobs vacancies with 84.51° and see what's on offer.


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