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Eaton’s Hilde helps customers in Norway with energy efficiency

Eaton’s Hilde helps customers in Norway with energy efficiency

 October 13, 2020

Hilde is an Energy Storage Sales Manager for Eaton in Norway.

For her, good communication and negotiation skills are vital.

Additionally, having a sound knowledge of the technology she works with is a key foundation for everything she does. Plus, Hilde needs a different kind of skillset to communicate about technology with varied customers.

“I work with new products and help identify ways we can get that product to market,” explains Hilde.

“Part of my job is to develop new markets and to create a pull for our solution, instead of pushing the product. This means I must be able to communicate with everyone, from project developers (via consultants) to installers, who all have quite different needs in terms of what they receive from me. At the same time, I need to be in close contact with our engineering department and follow the project end-to-end to make sure everybody is on the same page."

“Professionally I always strive to be accountable and accurate, and to give my customers the best help I can," adds Hilde. "This includes being friendly and polite in everything I do. I love working with new products or finding new ways to utilize existing solutions”.

A varied schedule and deliverables

Very few of Hilde's working days are the same.

"One day I’m explaining Eaton Energy Storage to an end-consumer who is buying a new home, and on the next I may have a presentation for electrical consultants. Later in the same week I might be presenting a solution to building owners and developers to help them optimize their energy consumption with peak saving and load shifting," Hilde says.

In Norway, Eaton's vision for xStorage, its energy storage and management system, is to help customers control their power consumption, ensure reliability, reduce their energy bills, and contribute to a sustainable future by harnessing renewables more effectively. “We are working towards providing a complete energy management system for our customers. And we’re making great progress in the market, such as our recent high-profile project for Bislett Stadium in Oslo,” says Hilde.

A challenging yet rewarding role

A challenging, yet also very rewarding aspect of Hilde's role, is her ability to effectively close a sale after presenting a completely unknown product and concept to a customer.

"I really enjoy helping customers find the right solution for their needs," says Hilde, “especially if they didn’t know it existed. And I love the freedom I have to create my own opportunities in a new market."

Developing technical product knowledge and familiarity

“To improve people's lives and the environment, Eaton is focused on creating power management technologies that are more reliable, efficient, safe and sustainable,” adds Hilde. “So, women looking to join the company’s sales teams need the ability to develop knowledge and familiarity with technical products and to be comfortable conveying their benefits to customers through good communication skills. Women also need to be good at multi-tasking, because there will often be several projects going at once."

A positive and inclusive work culture

Describing Eaton's work culture, Hilde attests to her colleagues being hard-working and positive people who are good at including everyone.

"All the people I’ve met at Eaton want you to feel included, empowered and welcome at all levels. The focus is really on valuing each person and helping them reach their full potential. Everyone is respectful, yet I do believe one still needs to be confident and able to bounce," says Hilde.

"What I have realized over the years is that life is too short to try to fix a boss or a workplace where you don’t fit in. It can take too much of your time end energy, and you will never get that time back."

Enjoying downtime in the great outdoors

"Privately, I am less organized than in my professional life to the frustration of some of my friends, and the amusement of others," laughs Hilde, whose personal passion is mountaineering. "I am very fond of the mountains, both trekking in summer and free-riding in the winter. I have been to several of the highest mountains in Norway, and three years ago I was at Kilimanjaro”.

In her downtime, Hilde also likes to make Bunad shirts (a style of traditional folk clothing) for her nieces.

And when Hilde is relaxing at her family cabin in Jotunheimen, she tends to pass her days by reading a lot and trekking in the Norwegian mountains.

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