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Six women share experience of HCL First Careers program

Six women share experience of HCL First Careers program

 November 19, 2020

HCL First Careers is a 360-degree assured job training program that is aimed at new college graduates who are looking for the right first step for their global career in technology and IT Services. The program trains you with the practical skills needed to be successful in your first job.

Six women share their experience of HCL First Careers and how it helped them develop skills, gain real-world experience, and advance their career to the next level.

A gateway to shape career trajectory

"HCL First Careers program played a great role in shaping my career. I have established my leadership, time management and communication skills and have also been able to advance these skills to the next level. It’s a very good opportunity to learn new technologies like Automation, Python, Java, Networking etc. Today, I work on global international client projects and this is a gateway to shape my career trajectory for the better!" says Namrata Kanal.

Skills to succeed in the corporate world

"HCL First Careers program was a life-changing decision for me because I was restarting my career after a gap of three years (I had just become a mother then). The training provided, improved my technical skills and provided much-needed communication skills needed to succeed in the corporate world. I am excited to have re-started my career and have also made many good friends during the program," explains Angelina Clement Arland.

HCL First careers

Offering a progressive career path

"I am a Software Engineer at HCL. I feel blessed to have started my career with a global multinational like HCL. I had gone through HCL First Careers program which is very effective. It offers an excellent opportunity to sharpen my skills and provides me with a progressive career path. The training is absolutely amazing and highly interactive," adds Uddanti Siva Teja Sri.

Experiencing a real work environment

"First six months of working in the HCL First Careers program was an incredible journey. There was so much to learn like new technologies, personality development, work ethics till the end where we completed with our OJT (On the Job Training). Throughout the entire tenure, we had many people to guide us starting from the HR team who helped us sail smoothly with paperwork and trainers who taught us the tricks about the actual work environment and ways to be more effective and efficient," comments Sanjana Bisht.

Practical and world-class instructors

"HCL Training & Staffing program gave me the opportunity to sharpen my technical and soft skills. Moreover, I wanted placement assurance and HCL, being the established industry leader, gave me that opportunity. I was worried at first but thoroughly enjoyed the programme once it started. Good structure, a well-planned curriculum coupled with best experience practical and world-class instructors are the USP of this course. HCL is a fantastic place to work and your coworkers make it even better. The company basks in the glory of lots of motivated individuals working as a team in a friendly, positive environment," says Shreya Rastogi.

An environment that felt like home

"I graduated from BBD University in 2019 and decided to join HCL First Careers. Our manager and trainers here are very supportive. In this programme, we were taught everything from the fundamentals to the details and it helped us clear all our technical concepts with a practical approach. The environment here made me feel like home, where everybody was forever ready to help. For a fresher who is always eager to learn, this is the place to be. The training program in HCL builds the overall personality of a candidate improving both his technical, communication, and troubleshooting skills," adds Nikita Pandey.

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