Prime employer Medtronic offers a range of brilliant employee benefits

Prime employer Medtronic offers a range of brilliant employee benefits

 December 03, 2020

Your company is more than just where you work. It's a place where you grow personally and professionally, make important and long-lasting connections, and receive support for you to succeed in your career.

As a prime employer, Medtronic offers a wide range of benefits and rewards programs to recognize the important role its employees play in its Mission to transform healthcare.

The company also supports its people to volunteer and provide support within the communities they support (pictured above)

Below are some examples of the great employee benefits Medtronic offers.

Recognition of employee contributions

A commitment to its employees lives at the core of Medtronic's values, which is why the company recognizes employees contributions.

Medtronic offers competitive compensation plans such as base salary, annual incentive plans, and, for nominated employees, equity in the company, which emphasize pay for performance. 

A long-term stake in Medtronic's success

Medtronic wants employees to have a long-term stake in the success of its company. The company offers an exclusive Employee Stock Purchase Plan that allows most employees worldwide to buy Medtronic stock and features quarterly market purchases at a discounted price.

Receiving financial planning and support

Medtronic cares about the financial well-being of its employees. The company provides life insurance, disability and retirement benefits in many locations. These are generally offered through government programs, company-sponsored plans, consortia or a combination. 

Enjoying a healthy work/life balance

Medtronic respects the personal time of its employees, as well as the interests they pursue outside of work. Medtronic strives to enable work/life balance with paid time off, on top of statutory holidays, and in some regions and roles employees are able to flex this allowance. Because Medtronic understands that everyone’s needs are different, in some locations and roles, flexible working arrangements are available.

Professional and personal enrichment 

With a career at Medtronic, employees can build relationships and get involved in new experiences that enrich them both professionally and personally. These include networking opportunities; regional and global meetings; the chance to collaborate and share knowledge with colleagues around the world; and connect with coworkers and the community through local employee resource groups and events.

Forge an fulfilling career with Medtronic

Medtronic is looking for employees with bold ideas and fresh insights, because that's what drives innovation.

If you want to be part of the future of healthcare, search for a rewarding job at Medtronic.


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