Bazaarvoice partners with the Future Focus Internship Program

Bazaarvoice partners with the Future Focus Internship Program

Bazaarvoice is committed to partnering with the Future Focus Internship Program to help college graduates from Central Texas enter the workforce and build the capital's long-term economic growth and stability.

Providing students with the foundation for a successful career

The Future Focus Internship Program places high-performing, first-generation, low-income college students from Central Texas in internships at companies such as Bazaarvoice.

"First-generation college students from low-income communities often lack a personal network to land that perfect internship and cannot afford to accept unpaid positions," commented Bazaarvoice.

"Future Focus takes a unique approach and provides students with the foundation for a successful career after college graduation, close to their families and cultural bases, while creating an educated and diverse workforce for us and the rest of the community."

Diversifying its talent base and developing a committed workforce

The Future Focus Internship Program enables minority, first-generation college students to graduate at much higher rates than their peers, while offering real-life experience of workplace culture and providing access to professional networks.

"We could not be more proud of the talented young people who have interned at Bazaarvoice through this effort, and we believe that having talented local interns who represent the diversity of Austin makes Bazaarvoice a better company," said Bazaarvoice.

"Like many others around town, Bazaarvoice is pushing to diversify its talent base and develop a committed workforce with roots in Austin, and we believe the Future Focus program is a key partner in our efforts to do just that."

Tap into Bazaarvoice's support for students and interns

As a homegrown Austin start-up and global technology leader, Bazaarvoice is a company that has strong roots in the communities in which its employees live and serve. 

Learn more about the kind of jobs that Bazaarvoice recruits for.


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