Bazaarvoice supports its women returning to the workplace

Bazaarvoice supports its women returning to the workplace

Global technology leader Bazaarvoice welcomes women returners to its dynamic, diverse workplace.

Bazaarvoice has progressive parental leave policies for employees seeking to take a career break and raise a family - and the company is there to welcome them back when they're ready.

Here Where Women Work features meet three women returners to learn more about their roles and responsibilities at Bazaarvoice.

Passionate about developing women's tech careers

Joan McAleer [pictured above] has a diverse career spanning 14 years with experience in delivery of largescale financial enterprise systems, product development and integration software.

She is a software development manager for Bazaarvoice who is passionate about developing people’s careers especially women in technology. 

Joan has seen two maternity leave periods with the company, the second after having her twins.

"Once you start your career in IT taking a year off from it for whatever reason can have a massive impact on it, by taking a number of measures before during and after you can really minimize this impact," she says. 

Join women at Bazaarvoice managing their work and home lives

Bazaarvoice supports the career paths of all its employees - including those who want to take a break from work.

Bazaarvoice values adaptability, making women returners key assets for the company. 

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