University of Sheffield attract, grow and engages female executuve talent

University of Sheffield has impressive women executives

University of Sheffield has impressive women executives

The University of Sheffield's mission is to attract, grow and engage talent, from all backgrounds and all sectors of society - and this includes right through to executive roles. They have an excellent track record of equality action, through which they aim to further develop a fully inclusive University community which encourages everyone to flourish and reach their potential with a positive and supportive culture.

Their Equality Objectives were developed in 2012, and are extensively implemented across the University. The objectives help the University to meet their statutory equality duties, and also to fully support our business and social justice agendas.

Female progression

One of the University's targets is focused around increasing the representation of women at professorial level. There are numerous avenues of support for academic women at University and Faculty level, for example mentoring programmes, Networks and initiatives aimed at raising the profile of women across the University - and are committed to continuing a range of action to address their gender pay gap. 

Many female senior executives

There are many impressive female senior executives working at the University, some of whom you can read about here



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