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Women are attracted to great roles at Thales

Women are attracted to the wide range of exciting jobs available at progressive employer Thales.

Thales has a total of 15 generic job families. All equally important for the Group’s success, each of them is sponsored at the highest level and supported by an operational leader and his/her operational committee, an HR manager and a training support team in order to track trends, establish recruitment, training and career pathway needs, and plan for future developments.

Strategy, Marketing, Sales

It creates relationships with clients, identifies their needs and negotiates not only domestic but international sales thanks to a strong international network. View the job

Bid & Project Management

Their responsibilities include leading bid & project activities throughout the bid and project lifecycle in an increasingly international and multicultural setting to ensure the success of profitable growth in Thales. View the job

R&D - Systems Engineering & General Studies

Systems Engineers are therefore involved in all stages of the project lifecycle from initial capture of the customer, proposition of a system design, through building the system, verifying and validating it and delivering it to the customer. View the job

R&D: Hardware

There are many personal challenges and opportunities to be sought in Hardware. View the job

R&D: Software

Thales focuses Group resources on the critical competences, specialties, architecture and software techniques, as well as sub-contract management. View the job

Customer Service

Customer Service job family is comprised of all employees that participate in the research, engineering, and development of customer service solutions. View the job

Quality and Continuous Improvement

Quality ensures the implementation of defined processes and performance to achieve the strategic and financial objectives of the company, while ensuring customer and staff satisfaction. View the job


Managing purchases, capturing market innovation, optimising relations with suppliers and managing risks, is a strategy for the Group. View the job


The Finance function within the Group is a key partner in the strategic decision making and operational support. View the job

Human Resources

At the centre of the relations between the company and its employees, the Human Resources function anticipates and innovates to support business development, organisational and environmental transformations. View the job


The industrial activities allow the company to supply to customers reliable products or systems in compliance with the initial requirements from a rigorous definition and in a competitive environment. View the job

Legal and Contract Management

Legal and contract management includes all the legal activities in connection with management of contracts and the legal activities in Export Control. View the job


For the employees of this function, it is an opportunity to take up the daily challenges in a continuously changing job: accompanying the press in understanding the industrial and financial strategy of the company, choosing the optimal way to pass on info. View the job

R&D: Information Systems

The main activities in this job family concern the definition and implementation of applications, infrastructure and services. View the job

Real Estate, HSE, Security & Information Security, Assistants, Medico-Welfare

Discover our real estate teams. View the job

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