Discover Northrop Grumman Womens International Network

Discover Northrop Grumman Women's International Network

 March 10, 2021

Northrop Grumman Women's International Network (NGWIN) is an Employee Resource Group connects employees domestically and internationally by providing forums for connection, knowledge sharing, and community outreach, to produce opportunities for advancement.

“Developing infrastructure in space to allow humanity to better and more efficiently explore the universe is my passion," says Sumayya Abukhalil, Northrop Grumman Systems Engineer.

Taking part in a variety of events for women

Northrop Grumman Women's International Network attends, hosts and sponsors a number of events throughout the year to meet talent. These include Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and Grace Hopper.

The NGWIN Summit is the annual meeting of NGWIN employees across Northrop Grumman. For several years, NGWIN members from across the company have gathered for professional and technology development opportunities, and to discuss ongoing strategies for supporting women in the workplace.

 Every other year for the past 20 years, women from across Northrop Grumman come together to participate in the Northrop Grumman Women’s Conference. The purpose of the conference is to enhance the leadership potential of women within the company by providing opportunities for leadership and networking. Nearly 3,000 women have participated in the event and hear from leadership, outside speakers, attend panel discussions, participate in networking activities and give back to the local community.

ERGs support the diverse workforce at Northrop Grumman

NGWIN is one of more than a dozen Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) at Northrop Grumman and are a key component of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I). ERGs are formed around common communities of interest in support of business objectives and are managed by employees.

These groups provide distinct benefits for both the member and the company. Across more than 260 chapters, they include those supporting African Americans, Asian Pacific Islanders, Hispanics, Native Americans, women, people with disabilities, veterans, LGBTQ+ employees, young professionals, parents, multiple generations, remote employees and environmentalists. Every ERG is inclusive of all employees.

Advance your career with the help of Northrop Grumman's ERGs

Northrop Grumman ERGs, as well as its many other employee development initiatives, are designed to help advance employee careers. 

Feel like you belong at one of the many ERGs? Find your place at Northrop Grumman.


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