Capgemini marks Transgender Day of Visibility via podcast

Capgemini marks Transgender Day of Visibility via podcast

 April 01, 2021

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Capgemini has made diversity and inclusion one of its core CSR pillars. Many employees within Capgemini are working hard to create a more inclusive culture. 

A Capgemini podcast series is showcasing these employee role models and sharing their stories. 

Celebrating transgender and non-binary across the company

For example, on Transgender Day of Visibility, the podcast interviewed Daniëlle Wagemakers, an Ethical Hacker who is pioneering the visibility and acceptance of trans people in the workplace.

For Capgemini, being trans is simply a part of the rich diversity of being human. The company celebrates transgender and non-binary across the company and acknowledges the boldness it takes to live one's authentic self.

Capgemini trans podcast

Supporting LGBT+ employees

Capgemini is a Stonewall Top 100 Employer and Stonewall Diversity Champion, working to create an inclusive, safe and supportive workplace environment for all of its employees.

Capgemini's LGBT+ network OUTfront supports its Active Inclusion ethos, to drive an organisation that is more inclusive and respectful, and supports the LGBT+ community in challenging homophobia, biphobia and transphobia by educating others on the importance of inclusion.

Work for an inclusive company

Capgemini understands that employee differences are a source of innovation and inspiration. They enable the company to generate new ideas, anticipate market trends and be thought leaders in their chosen markets. 

If you want to be valued for your unique contributions you can bring to Capgemini, find a job role that suits your interests.


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