Bazaarvoices Stephanie Maher urges audience to make an impact

Bazaarvoice's Stephanie Maher urges audience to make an impact

 May 11, 2021

Stephanie Maher, Director of Product Development at Bazaarvoice Belfast, was the inspirational guest speaker at an Empowering-You leadership development programme for women in technology, a group that empowers women to lead in digital transformation.

Discussing leadership and positive role models

Speaking to a cross-industry and sector group of aspirational women leaders, based mainly in Northern Ireland, Stephanie spoke passionately about her leadership journey and the importance of positive role models in the workplace.

Empowering-You is an organisation that believes leadership changes lives. It empowered leaders with the mindset, skills and confidence to make a bigger impact in their organisations and communities.

Empowering-You focuses on developing diversity and inclusion in leadership and creating role models at all levels to inspire change. The organisation does this by delivering cross-industry leadership development programmes with a blend of workshops, one-to-one coaching and mentoring and collaboration projects that drive meaningful outcomes.

Bazaarvoice has actively supported this group, sponsoring various activity to show their support for building a collaborative and powerful community of emerging and aspirational women leaders in digital transformation roles across all industry sectors.

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Women like Stephanie are forging leadership careers in Bazaarvoice's dynamic, driven culture.

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