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Arcadis employees Silvia Gioja & Anette Beijaard win WICE awards

Arcadis employees Silvia Gioja & Anette Beijaard win WICE awards

 May 27, 2021

Two Arcadis women have been recognized at the prestigious The European Women In Construction & Engineering (WICE) Awards for their industry expertise. Silvia Gioja was named Best Woman In Tunneling & Underground Construction while Anette Beijaard was named Best Woman In Highways.

Arcadis had 13 finalists nominated overall for the WICE Awards.

Named best women in their sectors at the awards

The WICE Awards have been designed to find the most exemplary women working across construction and engineering with the aim to make these industries more enticing to women. The Awards also hope to create role models for women considering a career in these sectors, while encouraging companies to employ and train more women in these industries.

A huge congratulations to Silvia Gioja

Silvia Gioja is the winner for Best Woman In Tunneling & Underground Construction at the Women In Construction & Engineering Awards.

Silvia commented: “Counting down the days before the announcement and waiting the same day for the result with my family was simply amazing. Right now, I feel like I am on top of a mountain after having climbed it with bare hands, enjoying the view on the horizon and taking a deep breath. Ready for a new climb!”

Well done Silvia!

A huge congratulations to Anette Beijaard

Anette Beijaard, winner for Best Woman In Highways at the Women In Construction & Engineering Awards.

Anette commented on the win: "Surprised when I got the congratulations from a colleague who discovered my winning (I forgot the announcement was on). After that, very excited (and still surprised) that I’m one of the few winners. I hope this winning will inspire the people around me and show them to follow your heart and do what you like, it will be appreciated. I have to let it down to fully realize what this really means (We ‘Dutchies’ often say, we’re just doing our job, it’s nothing special. But for me personally, this winning lets me realize that, although I’m just doing my job and having fun in that, it’s also special and worth winning this award!)"

Well done Anette! 

Be celebrated for your industry expertise at Arcadis

Women like Silvia and Anette are working hard at Arcadis to grow their industries and make a global impact in the construction and engineering sectors.

Turn your passion into purpose by finding your ideal dream job with Arcadis.


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