Beam Suntory interviews talented bartender Arati Mestry

Beam Suntory interviews talented bartender Arati Mestry

 August 17, 2021

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For Pride month, Beam Suntory had up-close and candid chats with some very talented bartenders including Arati Mestry, the Bar Manager at 7 Rivers Brewing Co. in Bangalore in India. 

Here's what Arati had to say ... 

What inspired you to choose bartending as a profession and who is that one bartender or mixologist who influenced your art of mixing?

When I started my career, it was the passion what made me choose bartending as a profession, I used to sit in crossroads bookstore and read about cocktails and the recipes.

But as I progressed in my life, career and especially when I got familiar with the social world through Instagram, Amanda aka Bad Birdy inspired me a lot.

Were there challenges you faced while paving your path towards becoming a bartender?

There were many, but they made me what I am today. From knowing the industry to getting known in the industry - it’s a self-made journey.

The rainbow flag today is a LGBTQ pride symbol so if you created a cocktail using pride palette colors which hues would you pick and why? 

I would like to use the hues of yellow, orange and red for my cocktail mix. And the name for this drink would would be "Androgyny". 

What's a most memorable thing a customer has done for you or a compliment you’ll never forget?

During a conversation with a guest, I once expressed about my love for a particular kind of coffee and collecting coffee mugs. So, the next time the customer visited the bar, he gifted me the same. 

have any message you'D would like to share?

Do what you love, people are here to talk about it. So why not rather just do it and not regret about why didn’t you. Be yourself. Be you!

Are there any more hidden talents  we may not know about? 

A few of them, I do have. But I don’t know whether to call them as talents because my indulgence is completely based on the passion and love for what I do.

If not a bartender, then what?

Owning a café. Serving and curating is what I do, out of passion.

What's the weirdest garnish a customer has ever asked for"

Chopped chillies and chili flakes.

Your favorite House of Suntory spirit?


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