Medtronic women are growing careers reflective of their passions

Medtronic women are growing careers reflective of their passions

 August 19, 2021

At Medtronic, employees Build, Grow and Connect.

They work to build a better world, grow a career reflective of their passions, and connect to a community that welcomes the challenge of life-long learning.

Medtronic is a rewarding place to build a career

Medtronic engineers

At Medtronic, you can find a diverse team of innovators who bring their worldview, their unique backgrounds, and their individual life experiences to work every day.

Medtronic works hard to cultivate a workforce that reflects its patients and partners. The company believes it's the only way to drive healthcare forward and remain a global leader in medical technology and solutions.

Driving innovation and creativity

Medtronic company

The broad range of ideas and diversity of experiences brought by all Medtronic employees is what drives innovation, creativity, and better decision-making across its global team, which ultimately results in better outcomes for patients.

Commitment to quality and helping patients

Medtronic jobs

Medtronic is a learning culture. An inventive and collaborative group, Medtronic teams are dedicated to making sure that every patient gets the best product — when they need it. Medtronic employees also have strong ties to their local communities

Medtronic's vibrant employee communities respect and value individual experience and perspective as they aim to improve lives and the access to healthcare.

Grow a career at Medtronic 

Medtronic employees are constantly innovating, inventing and learning in a supportive community.

Interested in working at Medtronic?

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