Medtronic marks Equal pay Day in Australia reinforcing achievement

Medtronic marks Equal pay Day in Australia reinforcing achievement

 September 06, 2021

For Equal Pay Day in Australia, Medtronic reinforced its commitment to equality by showcasing its 99% pay equity in its Australasia business as per its internal Medtronic pay analysis calculation.

Putting people first from the start

Medtronic is taking active steps in achieving full pay equity globally.

The company puts people first from the start. Medtronic's belief in doing business the right way goes back to 1960 when the company's Mission was written - when Earl Bakken, co-founder of Medtronic made helping others at the center of Medtronic's DNA.

This personal responsibility to make the world better by taking care of others is still steeped in every facet of the organization, from teams and businesses around the world to its Mission to alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life. 

Committed to achieving diversity goals

Medtronic has also put tools and processes in place to ensure that it achieves its I, D & E goals.

  • Pay equity assessments 
    Every year, Medtronic conducts pay equity assessments and make adjustments in pay gaps at regional and global levels. In 2020, Medtronic achieved 100% gender pay equity in the United States, as well as in other countries. Medtronic is at 99% equity for ethnically diverse employees in the United States and for female employees globally - and Medtronic won’t stop until it reaches 100%.
  • Organizational Health Survey
    How employees feel about working at Medtronic is one of the company's best gauges of success. Medtronic surveys teams directly; and although Medtronic still has work to do, feelings of belonging increased across all employees over the last four surveys.
  • Clear data and performance goals across levels
    All Executive Committee members are accountable for, and measured on, their contribution to Medtronic's diversity and inclusion goals. I, D & E goals are included in annual objectives for vice presidents and above and embedded in performance goals for all employees. Vice presidents receive a customized diversity scorecard every year, and Medtronic conducts Quarterly Diversity Reviews of its progress with its Executive Committee and CEO, giving them the same rigor and attention as it does quarterly business reviews.

Thrive in an equal work environment at Medtronic 

Medtronic employees are not only transforming the world of healthcare, but are doing so in an inclusive and equal environment that enables all people to thrive.

Sounds like your ideal workplace culture?

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