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HCLs Red Ladder Women in Outsourcing awards are open

HCL's Red Ladder Women in Outsourcing awards are open

 December 07, 2021

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HCL Technologies (HCL) has announced that nominations for its Red Ladder Women in Outsourcing Awards, in partnership with IAOP’s Social Impact Center, are now open. 

The awards celebrate industry women leaders who have made significant differences both within HCL and in wider society. 

HCL says, "Shout out to all the star women leaders—it's time to shine!" 

Celebrating high performing women leaders

HCL Red Ladder Awards

HCL's Red Ladder Awards are uniquely positioned to identify, recognise and award high performing and high potential women leaders, and leverage them as role models for other aspiring women.

Launched in 2016 by HCL, the initiative has been well received across various fraternity and created a niche for itself at several industry platforms to honor women for their contribution to business. 

Awarded in various categories

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The categories are as follows:

  • Leadership in Innovation during the pandemic
    This category recognises senior women leaders who came up with innovative solutions and have shown leadership during the pandemic, thus, driving the sourcing team’s performance to meet the management's long-term expectations in moving from transactional procurement to transformational procurement.
  • Women Empower Women
    This category will recognise the achievements of senior women who provided support and assistance to women in their organisation/communities. This award is open to women who have not only achieved personally in their organisation but have made a significant difference to the role of women in business within and/or outside their organisation over the past 12 months. The winning candidate will have demonstrated their attitude and commitment to developing, mentoring, and promoting other women in their roles in business. They may have influenced cultures and championed change in their organisations to support gender diversity and gender equality.
  • Unstoppable Women
    This list honors women who are advancing in both the I.T. and Outsourcing industries. This group of outstanding women executives are not only making an impact in their business but also demonstrating leadership, passion and determination, inspiring others and providing opportunities for others to succeed. They are admirable examples of what can be achieved by women with vision in all corners of the globe. 

Forge a career at HCL

Women who work at HCL are empowered to pursue their dreams, fulfill their potential and achieve career success.

Research the many exciting job opportunities with HCL and join the company's networks of talented women throughout the company.


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