McDonalds reflects on their global DEI Strategy through 2021

McDonald's reflects on their global DEI Strategy through 2021

 December 09, 2021

Inclusion has always been central to McDonald's. McDonald's founders built the company to be a place of opportunity - where owner/operators could build successful businesses, employees could launch rewarding careers, suppliers could find their goods on tables around the world, and anyone, anywhere, could get a delicious meal and a reliably great experience.

McDonald's recognizes its important responsibility to act, and the company is on a journey to use its scale and influence to create equitable opportunity in every community it serves.

McDonald's is doing this across all three legs of the stool:

Corporate: Pairing allyship with accountability 

McDonald's corporate

In February 2021, McDonald's disclosed its corporate employee representation and EEO-1 data for the first time, and set aggressive targets to increase representation of women and historically underrepresented groups in leadership.

McDonald's is holding itself accountable with measurable goals. The company will track its progress, be transparent about it, and use it to evaluate its effectiveness - just like it would with sales figures or an earnings statement. 

Suppliers: Extending a hand to suppliers

McDonald's suppliers

In July 2021, McDonald's extended its impact through its value chain by inviting suppliers to join its Mutual Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (MCDEI).

McDonald's has asked every U.S. supplier to take its Mutual Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion pledge. What does it mean? Suppliers will commit to implementing a DEI strategy, increasing overall representation, investing in innovation, and creating a process for accountability.

Franchisees: Addressing barriers to ownership

Franchisees McDonald's

McDonald's is rolling out a franchisee recruitment initiative to help increase the number of new franchisees from all backgrounds, including historically underrepresented groups, in McDonald’s operated markets around the world. 

McDonald's cannot let economic or other barriers stand in the way of bringing the best talent into the System. The company will expand the number of new franchisees around the world through efforts in three areas: recruitment, financing, and ongoing learning and development.

Develop a rewarding career for an inclusive company

McDonald's global aspiration is that no matter where you are in the world, when you interact with McDonald’s - through the app, in a restaurant, by watching a commercial, working in an office setting or as a crew member - inclusion and equity are as evident and familiar as the Arches themselves.

If you want to work for a company that lives by inclusive values, bring your skills and enjoy a thriving career at McDonald's.


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