DXC Technology drives impactful community work

DXC Technology drives impactful community work

 February 27, 2022

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DXC Technology consistently works to improve the lives of its employees, and the communities in which they live and work.

The company believes in equality for all employees, and its position as a global technology leader enables DXC to serve diverse customers and play a leadership role in the communities it serves.

Here are a just a few of DXC Technology's leading projects and efforts.

The DXC Foundation

The DXC Foundation is a registered U.S. charity that invests in community groups as a way to engage the company's employees and develop its relationships with clients, partners and communities. Its programs also strengthen DXC's business performance and enhance its global brand. Using targeted grants and programs, the DXC Foundation partners with its employees around the world, making it easy for them to make a difference both locally and globally. The DXC Foundation also oversees the DXC Gives program, which helps the communities in which employees live and do business. It also celebrates the volunteerism and dedication of the company's people.

In addition, the DXC Foundation sponsors a quarterly Charity Challenge. All DXC employees can enter, and the winners are given the opportunity to guide donations to the charities of their choice. DXC employees participate in the Challenge by submitting brief essays that describe acts of community service by DXC employees. The winners typically demonstrate excellence in collaboration, problem-solving, energy and community impact.

One program recently helped by the DXC Charity Challenge is Alzheimer Scotland. This group provides support and advice for those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and those who have family members suffering from this disease. DXC volunteers have helped the program by sponsoring fundraising events, including a Christmas Hackathon for girls under the age of seventeen.

DXC India Foundation

The DXC India Foundation aims to improve the social mobility of underrepresented/underprivileged groups by collaborating with nonprofit partners on fostering digital literacy and the learning of new skills, particularly in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The company's balanced, integrated approach enables the greatest impact in areas of major importance to DXC, including:

  • education: Fostering global literacy, with a focus on STEM learning for children from kindergarten to college age
  • health and wellness: Enhancing people’s health and wellness at a local and global level, with a focus on veterans, people with disabilities, and challenges related to child hunger and poverty
  • disaster relief: Supporting emergency assistance to those in need, after a disaster or period of crisis or trauma

DXC Dandelion Program

DXC Dandelion

DXC Technology is reimagining neurodiversity. The DXC Dandelion Program helps individuals on the autism spectrum build valuable IT skills and careers. The program combines robotics with commercial IT industry teaching and methodologies to help participants develop technical, life and executive functioning skills.

To date, the company has established ten DXC Dandelion teams across Australia, working within DXC’s public and private sector clients, to employ more than 120 people on the autism spectrum. The program expanded into the United Kingdom in June 2021, with future expansion plans for Asia, United States and Europe.

DXC and The Scott-Morgan Foundation

DXC & The Scott-Morgan Foundation

DXC is a proud partner of The Scott-Morgan Foundation, which is on a mission to apply advanced technologies to empower people with extreme disabilities, illnesses, and other challenging conditions to continue to lead full and socially rich lives. The Foundation was established by Dr Peter Scott-Morgan, a visionary British roboticist, author, and speaker who, in 2017, was diagnosed with motor neurone disease (MND).

DXC is leading technology roadmap and integration for The Foundation, bringing all the unique pieces of hardware, software, and AI into an integrated working solution designed to aid communication and mobility. The vision is to not only to collaborate with Peter, but to create an open and scalable set of technologies that could one day help others around the world to overcome life-challenging conditions.

DXC and Earth Day

DXC & Earth Day

DXC cares about the global environment. That’s why the company joins in celebrating global Earth Day every year. DXC employees around the world join the celebrations by supporting their local environmental programs and initiatives.

In 2019, DXC cleaned up beaches, planted trees and more. In 2020, the company responded to the global pandemic by switching to virtual events. These included a global Big Green Earth Day quiz.

In 2021, DXC shared little acts of going green across the globe, learning from each other’s best practices and enjoyed hundreds of wonderful pictures showing the various environments its people live in.

Employee Development with DXC

DXC invest in the progress of its employees. These investments include:

  • DXC University, an online learning platform, that served some 1.8 million learning hours in 2020 to more than 100,000 of its employees
  • DXC Onboarding, a web app that helps new employees, their managers and their colleagues worldwide. In 2020, this web app was used by more than 69,000 unique visitors in 73 countries
  • DXC Technologist Reskilling, a program that has helped more than 31,100 of DXC's employees complete advanced training in next-generation technologies and approaches, including agile development, cloud and virtualization
  • DXC Transformation Centers, where employees work with clients to co-develop innovative solutions to pressing business problems
  • DXC Technology Awards and DXC Tech Honors, which encourage employees to engage in innovative thinking, advanced technology expertise and future-ready solutions for the company's clients

DXC supports digital literacy with Iberia Codes contest

DXC supports digital literacy with Iberia Codes contest

DXC volunteers in Iberia are making a difference in the lives of children by promoting digital literacy via a coding contest. This fun and collaborative initiative to awaken and foster children’s interest in and passion for technology helps them develop and hone their computational thinking skills using a STEM approach.

DXC Vietnam provides disaster and health crisis relief in rural districts

DXC Vietnam provides disaster & health crisis relief in rural districts

DXC Vietnam’s commitment to corporate responsibility was very evident in 2020. The most recent of the many initiatives it undertook was to provide major relief to two rural districts in Thua Thien Hue central province after a series of devastating floods.

DXC Bulgaria helps local families access remote education

DXC Bulgaria helps local families access remote education

Aware of the gravity of the situation and staying true to DXC’s spirit and strong social responsibility values, the employees in Bulgaria decided to take action to support the local community in the best way they can – by using the power of technology. They launched a campaign called “We Care”. More than 1,100 old corporate computers were collected, refurbished, and distributed to families who needed them. DXC also provided internet service whenever needed.

Trees for the Future

Trees for the Future

This project, based in Bucharest, Romania, aims to make the world a better place by planting trees. Recently, 20 DXC employees volunteered to spend a day planting acacia trees with the group. In addition, DXC contributed 1,000 trees to be planted.

Clean Waters

Clean Waters

DXC recently collaborated with United Way, a nonprofit partner, to support lake restoration in Bengaluru, India, and improve the local water quality. As a part of this project, the company cleared the area of debris, plastic and nonbiodegradable waste. It also provided new, basic amenities such as benches, children’s play areas and open-air gyms. These activities have improved the quality of local families’ lives, supporting about 20,000 residents around the lake, including children, women, elderly persons and birds and aquatic life.

Calamity Response

Calamity Response

In the Philippines, a DXC group known as Inspire recently volunteered to help survivors of a damaging typhoon. Some 8,500 victims of the typhoon had been moved to temporary shelters, and the DXC team helped to supply them with 1,700 boxes of food and other relief supplies.

Education without disruption

Education without disruption

DXC has partnered with Bhumi India, Isha Foundation and Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled, for educational scholarships. It has supported disabled and underprivileged children in continuing their education without disruption.

Across India, DXC has provided scholarships to 1,292 underprivileged and daily wage workers’ children, and to 150 persons with disabilities. This has helped the children to continue their education via schools or colleges of their choice.

DXC’s First Nations Program in Australia

DXC’s First Nations Program in Australia

The vision of DXC’s First Nations Program in Australia is to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their communities in achieving self-determination and proportional representation in all areas of our society. DXC strives to realize this vision by working with First Nations community groups and businesses, to identify and support the outcomes and endeavors they wish to achieve.

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