Elaine Hanafin says Cloudera supports and encourages women

Elaine Hanafin says Cloudera supports and encourages women

 March 15, 2022

Elaine Hanafin is a Senior Business Analyst at Cloudera.

"'We strive for equality’, for me is one of the standout values within Cloudera’s Code. One of the reasons I love working in Cloudera is that it fosters a culture of inclusion, where diversity across the workforce is encouraged and valued. The company recognises the challenges women face in the workforce and goes above and beyond to ensure that women are supported and encouraged to advance their skills and leadership potential," explains Elaine.

"I joined the company three years ago and since then Cloudera has empowered her to progress in her career and has given her recognition for her work. Cloudera has also provided Elaine with the opportunity for personal development through its Education Reimbursement Program, allowing her to return to University to complete academic studies external to Cloudera."

"Personally, I really value the company’s commitment to its employees’ mental and physical health, giving time back to employees to have a better work life balance through its ‘Unplug Program’. It’s clear to see why Cloudera has been listed as one of the ‘Best Workplaces for Women in Ireland 2022’. Its ‘People First’ approach has helped to create a positive and supportive workplace for women. I am very proud to work for a company which values the diversity its female employees bring to the organization," comments Elaine.

Cloudera is passionate about creating a stimulating and supportive work environment

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