Leonor Berriochoa enjoys her work/life balance with the EIB

Leonor Berriochoa enjoys her work/life balance with the EIB

 March 31, 2022

Meet Leonor Berriochoa, Lead Engineer at European Investment Bank (EIB).

Her job entails appraising or evaluating projects in the urban domain. "This can be social housing, cities, tourism, anything that cities do and that we need to evaluate. We make sure that the promoter meets our environmental and social procurement standards for the project to be eligible for the EIB to finance it from the technical perspective," explains Leonor. 

Working in a multicultural environment 

Leonor enjoys working in a multicultural environment. "That's the beauty of being here," she says.  

"You are more cosmopolitan, more open-minded, and more ready to be engaged in new projects."

Leonor also enjoys the friendly, relaxed atmosphere of the local community. She has a small dog and this, she says, provides her with a great excuse to walk more. "We just love it. It's easy to have a dog here. Things are easy here."

Enjoying a good work/life balance 

Reflecting on her work/life balance, Leonor says: "Balance between your life and work is something that I really appreciate here. That is something that to me has happened in Luxembourg and it has definitely changed my life."

Enjoy a positive work/life balance at the EIB

The EIB is committed to offering a work-life balance that enables employees to deliver at work and enjoy their personal lives.

With a myriad of further benefits, working for the EIB can offer a very rewarding career path. 

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