Capgemini and partner Code Your Future, win a Better Society Award

Capgemini and partner Code Your Future, win a Better Society Award

 May 16, 2022

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Capgemini has won a Better Society Award, alongside its partner Code Your Future.

Together, these organizations offer training pathways into employment in the tech sector to those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The Better Society Awards reward commercial companies who are helping create a better, more equal, ethical and sustainable world for all.

Helping people find work in tech

CodeYourFuture is a UK-based non-profit organization that trains some of the most deprived members of society to become web developers and helps them to find work in the tech industry.

CodeYourFuture students are trained in full-stack web development by volunteers from the tech industry, putting a strong emphasis on collaboration and product development through tech projects.

A continuously evolving partnership 

Capgemini became CodeYourFuture's first corporate partner to offer end-to-end support through the sponsorship of the CYF training programme. As well as funding a course, this saw Capgemini providing mentors and business coaches and, crucially, committing to offer employment to programme graduates. Capgemini remains CYF’s biggest corporate sponsor.

The partnership has naturally evolved. As well as working to ensure employment success for the students, Capgemini has created a completely scalable, replicable approach that’s suitable for other organizations to roll out. And Capgemini is already sharing its approach – through a blueprint that encompasses volunteers, giving access and exposure to real work experiences and networks, enabling students to develop the soft skills needed to succeed and, of course, by committing to hire.

Join a company making an industry impact 

Capgemini works hard to have a positive impact on the tech industry through initiatives and partnerships.

Make a difference in a thriving career with impact.

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