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WSP employees explain what is means being part of WSP

 May 23, 2022

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Careers at WSP connect employees to a vast array of opportunities. It employs like-minded international experts including engineers, scientists, biologists, project managers, technical and business advisors and more that by leveraging each other's strengths contribute to some of the world’s most unique and challenging projects.

In a video hosted by broadcaster David Meade, employees share positive career experiences regarding working at WSP. 

Making learning fun 

David speaks to WSP Learning & Development Manager, Suzanne, about WSP's culture of growth and how the company has made learning fun. 

"It's all about the people. It's about encouraging people to learn and grow and learn from others as well. We really want to develop that mindset here at WSP and I think we do that really, really well," says Suzanne.

Neil, a Transport Planning Technical Director at WSP, explains what it means to really belong to a company, stating that WSP has welcoming work spaces where employees feel safe and motivated, colleagues that love to catch up, hybrid working, My Hour and awards for helping others belong. 

"To me, belonging means with a very big business like WSP, that my personal contribution is very much valued and enabled us to deliver better for our clients."

Collaboration is key 

Senior Engineer in the Hydrogen sector, Rosie, speaks about how collaboration drives everything at WSP, how it recreates 'water cooler moments', and how easy it is to build global relationships in a culture like WSP. 

"To be able to understand that we have to understand all the different sectors it could touch," Rosie explains. "So we have to get maritime involved, and we're involved in the gas side. We then look at industrial clients as well. So you know, having that breadth of team and then collaborating together is what allows us to give that bigger view to our clients."

A value-drive company 

Executive Director, Rachel Skinner, explains more about WSP's values and corporate purposes, and what it really cares about as a company and as a business, such as net-zero, social value, giving back to local and global communities.

"As the first in the whole of the industry, a goal is to say that we want to halve the carbon in the designs and advice that we offer to our clients in this decade," explains Rachel. 

A holistic approach to wellbeing 

WSP's Wellbeing Advisor, Danielle, discusses how personal well-being and work well-being are essentially one and the same thing, and how WSP supports its people in everything from sleeping better to lifestyle choices, to improving the small things that happen in their life every day. 

"We try to focus on that holistic approach for people because we want them to be their best selves at work, but it's so important for them to be their best selves in their personal life as well. So we try and combine both aspects together to really help support people's wellbeing." 

Feel supported in the workplace via a career with WSP 

Looking for a career move? 

WSP is successfully navigating the new workplace normal, and makes learning fun. 

Discover a perfect role with this progressive employer. 


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