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Thales compare apprenticeships to a university degree

 March 21, 2017

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Thales offers a wide range of apprenticeship schemes in engineering, manufacturing or business across the UK. With the cost of a University education growing, the popularity of apprenticeship schemes at companies like Thales is growing.

The Apprenticeship Levy

The UK Government is requiring all large UK companies to invest in apprenticeships. Thales currently has a significant population of apprentices across its UK business, and was one of the first companies to start offering degree apprenticeships back in 2015. Thales is focusing on one of their largest apprenticeship intakes to date, with many roles being available.

Degree Apprenticeships vs. University

An increase in tuition fees has seen graduates leaving full time university with a significant debt before they have started earning. This, coupled with a lack of opportunity for work experience, has seen a rising interest in degree apprenticeships. A Thales degree apprenticeship allows school and college leavers to immerse themselves in their chosen industry, earn a salary and gain a fully funded degree qualification. Recruited into a full time permanent role from day one, at the end of the programme they progress into a higher level position, on, at least, a graduate level salary.  As well as being debt-free, having focussed industry experience is a huge draw.
After combining academic study with practical knowhow, a Thales apprentice will have had the chance to gain an in depth knowledge of the company. Throughout the apprenticeship they will have gained a breadth of experience across their chosen role, giving them a good idea of what they enjoy and what they are good at. From a learner perspective this is invaluable; for the employer it creates a well-rounded employee with an understanding of how the business works from the ground up. Because of Thales’ support throughout the programme the apprentices will feel invested in, and secure in the knowledge that they have been given the experience they need for a positive start to their working lives.
It’s not just the individuals who benefit from apprenticeships: by supporting students through their studies, Thales is ensuring that they are bringing the right talent into the workforce. Apprentices tend to be more invested in the company, having high levels of loyalty, engagement and retention. Those who have spent quality time within the business while completing their degree can also bring fresh ideas to existing processes and can help shape how Thales does things in the future.

The Apprenticeship Scheme

The apprenticeship scheme at Thales is not just for prospective employees, however; it is also a development opportunity for the existing workforce either to progress onto higher level qualifications or to support those looking for a career change or returning to work after a period of leave.
This year Thales in the UK has its most diverse offering of degree apprenticeships available, with approximately 40 programmes in engineering (rail, electrical, electronic, mechanical, software, systems, networking), manufacturing, business (procurement, HR, sales and Business Development, IT systems) and finance. The apprenticeships stretch across all qualification levels - Level 2 Intermediate, Level 3 Advanced, Level 4 Higher, Level 6 Degree and Level 7 Masters - in order to be accessible to a wide pool of talent.
Taking a proactive approach to encouraging students, Thales goes into schools, colleges and universities to talk to young people about the benefits of apprenticeships. It also runs work experience programmes and site tours to encourage interested parties to apply.

Why not find out more about Thales Apprenticeship scheme and how to apply now.

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