Medtronic Australasia wins Women in MedTech Champion Award

Medtronic Australasia wins Women in MedTech Champion Award

 October 07, 2022

Medtronic Australasia is congratulated as the winner of the 2022 Women in MedTech Company Champion Award, part of the Australian MedTech Industry Awards.

The awards are hosted by the Medical Technology Association of Australia (MTAA).

This prestigious recognition reinforces Medtronic's unwavering commitments to inclusion, diversity, and equity (ID&E), whereby the company is working towards zero barriers to opportunity and is promoting a culture where all employees feel they belong, are respected, and feel valued for who they are.

An employer that actively supports women

The Women in MedTech Awards are presented to leaders advancing or achieving significant results via the Women in MedTech (WiMT) mission or goals of a company or industry.

WiMT's mission is to "lead the debate and promote the benefits of gender diversity in the workplace and within the Medtech Industry." The organization aspires to actively support women entering or advancing within the industry and aims to proactively support gender diversity within the MedTech industry, effectively supporting women to unlock their full potential.

Promoting a gender diverse workplace

Medtronic believes individuals play a critical role in developing an inclusive workplace. The company recognizes different dimensions of diversity, and adopts a mindset that inclusion, diversity and equity are for everyone. The company places responsibility on business leaders, and ties compensation and advancement to ID&E goals and the measurement of meaningful outcomes.

Medtronic knows that inclusion, diversity and equity provide a clear business strategy for sustainable growth in a global landscape. The company ingrains ID&E into its day-to-day work, including doubling down on inclusive education for managers, mitigating bias in its talent programs, creating leading development programs for diverse talent, and expanding equitable workforce policies. The company ensures ID&E is part of how it does business.

Forge a rewarding career with Medtronic

Medtronic knows that inclusion, diversity and equity play a critical role in driving its competitiveness, bringing more creativity, better decision-making, and enhanced innovation.

Begin a life-long career of exploration and innovation. Champion healthcare access and equity for all.

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