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WTWs Emily Wade & Shannon Olivo share their career journeys

WTW's Emily Wade & Shannon Olivo share their career journeys

 October 26, 2022

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Colleague referrals positively impacted the career journeys of WTW Employee Experience Associates, Emily Wade and Shannon Olivo.

Emily and Shannon share their stories of joining WTW, from interviewing to onboarding to what they enjoy most about the company.

Aware of WTW's phenomenal reputation

After working with WTW at a previous organization, Emily was aware of WTW's "phenomenal reputation". Plus, the company's focus embodied the values Emily is passionate about communicating.

"New clients, new data and new projects keep your days exciting and as a global organization, serving 450 of the Fortune Global 500, WTW was a place where I could envision my career. Since joining, I’ve only become more enamored with the talent here at WTW and the meaningful work we do," adds Emily.

Admiring WTW's strong purpose

Shannon had a different path to discovering WTW as an employer. In contrast, Shannon only saw WTW as an insurance broker. However, when Emily joined, this inspired Shannon to learn more.

"After doing some research, I was impressed by WTW’s commitment to leveraging data to implement practical solutions. It was appealing to work for a global organization that was grounded in a strong purpose, with values including teamwork, respect, and excellence," explains Shannon. 

Meeting inspiring people at interview

When it came to interviewing for her role at WTW, Emily was pleased that WTW "moved very quickly". 

"The team was eager to get to know my background but also focused equally on discussing what I most enjoyed in communications and change. Each leader I met with was inspiring and inviting – I truly saw a place where I could learn, grow and thrive with talented communicators who value professional excellence while prioritizing holistic balance," says Emily.

Discovering unique perspectives

For Shannon, it was the "absolute best interview experience." Shannon felt like everyone was genuinely interested in getting to know her and her background – "they weren’t just going through the motions," adds Shannon. Each leader Shannon met had a unique perspective and Shannon found it refreshing to have open and honest conversations throughout the interview process.

"Their passion for the work and commitment to supporting each other was also very apparent. That is when I knew I wanted to be part of the team," adds Shannon.

Feeling warmly welcomed on first day

Emily and Shannon both made the team, and what followed were a very positive first few days at WTW.

"I immediately felt the warmth from my team, even from colleagues hundreds of miles away. My manager made time for me, and the Onboarding team was just a call or click away for anything I needed. The software and systems were user-friendly, and the Employee Experience team welcomed me with a virtual “hello”! I’ve never started a role in a fully remote setup, yet I truly felt connected to my team and other colleagues," explains Emily. 

"I felt like a part of the team even before my first day. Everyone was so welcoming and quick to offer help. My manager had regular check-ins and took time to organize a virtual “welcome” with all the team members. It was nice to have all my equipment and clear instructions for getting started on day one," adds Shannon. 

Learning from team members 

WTW's collaborative and inclusive workplace culture enables employees like Emily and Shannon to constantly grow.

Emily found it impossible to not immediately want to soak in all the knowledge and expertise of her WTW colleagues. 

"I’m fascinated by the robust data that we base our strategies on and the diverse work we do. With each project you support, you learn a new challenge, new solutions, and new ways of working. Collaboration and inclusion are two key values I’ve noted in my time with WTW so far," explains Emily.

With encouragement from others on the team, Shannon has already gained so much confidence in her ability to provide value and move projects forward.

"I love watching others work with clients to gain a true understanding of their needs. I appreciate the opportunity to offer potential solutions based on my past experiences and understanding of what it is like to be on the other side of the fence, supporting employees through big changes," adds Shannon.

Thriving in an inclusive workplace   

When asked about her favorite aspect of WTW, Emily says: "It feels great to know that your organization aligns so seamlessly with your personal ideals. It is evident to me that WTW walks the walk, and not just talks the talk. Inclusion and diversity is not just something that is referenced, but you can feel it throughout the day – through emails, events, pronouns and pictures."

"Leadership has been visible and transparent by sharing business updates, personal stories and candid feedback to ensure we all feel part of the bigger story. Collaboration and teamwork are not just ideals in a job description, but the essence of how we work – someone is always behind you and beside you, ready to support anything you or your clients need. These are a few of my favorite things," adds Emily. 

Meanwhile, for Shannon: "At WTW, there is a place for everyone, and we are all working together towards a common goal of doing excellent work to help our clients. I love the connections I’ve made, the challenges I face that are helping me to grow, and the encouragement I get from everyone along the way."

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