DXC focuses on social value with Manchester United Foundation

DXC focuses on social value with Manchester United Foundation

 October 31, 2022

DXC Technology Director of Global Brand Partnerships, Natasha Cowan, discusses how DXC Technology and Manchester United Foundation are partnering to focus on increasing social value through technology.

Natasha shared why the partnership with Manchester United Foundation is relevant and important for DXC, via a conversation with technology expert Cyril Coste.

"DXC Technology and Manchester United Foundation have shared belief in the power of technology and the potential of our people to make a positive impact on society. As two organizations, our values align perfectly. Together, we believe we can build better futures for our communities," commented Natasha.

Offering skills and experience to help make a difference

DXC Technology Manchester United Foundation

When asked what impact COVID had on the way they operated, Natasha shared: "From a DXC Technology perspective, we aspire to do what the Foundation has done with football, with technology. We have the people, the skills, and the experience to make a difference to people’s lives and the communities they live in. We can really help to set them up for the future. Technology is at the centre of the DXC and Manchester United partnership to find new ways to excite, engage and entertain people, whether someone is joining the action from Old Trafford, or from the other side of the world. Through the Manchester United Foundation, we will explore new technologies and help develop new skills through programs that will prepare the community for the new era ahead."

Looking at why DXC Technology is excited to work with the Manchester United Foundation, Natasha said: "When we talk about the number one sports global brand, it’s Manchester United. It gives DXC a great platform to talk about our focus on customers, colleagues and communities. Manchester United can help us to deliver that message.

"Working with the Foundation and the Club, we've been impressed by what they do in the community. We've been able to identify where some of those gaps are so that we can bring our expertise to bear and really engage our people. 

"Football speaks to so many people in so many cultures and areas of the world. What excites us is the reach of football and Manchester United - one of the world’s most popular clubs."

Experience in delivering world-class services and solutions 

DXC Technology brings skills, expertise, and innovation to the table, according to Natasha. "Our experience in delivering world-class services and solutions for our customers. We also have a huge amount of passion and enthusiasm. So many of our employees want to get involved, as we can see with the dozen or so DXC employees who donated their time to be part of the launch event here at Old Trafford," she said. 

Some 50 students from seven Foundation partner schools were invited to attend a digital workshop at Old Trafford hosted by the Foundation and DXC. Seventeen DXC and Manchester United employees volunteered their time to host a variety of digital and team building activities, including app design and coding skills.

Sharing insight from the event, Natasha said: "It’s all about inspiring and enabling young people to become the next generation of leaders and help shape the future of work by developing key digital and social skills. Our goal is to show them that anything is possible. No matter what their background or interest area, the opportunities are endless. Experts from DXC and Manchester United came together today to deliver exciting practical sessions to over 50 students from the Greater Manchester area. One activity we delivered for them was coding using Scratch. The students were creating a training game for Manchester United players to use warming-up before a match. This activity helps young people learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively."

Building the social leaders of the future 

When looking at the long-term plans for the partnership, Natasha explained: "This is just the beginning; we have laid out a program of initiatives that we can't wait to get started on. DXC and Manchester United Foundation will introduce a technology skills program that builds the social leaders of the future. We will start in the Greater Manchester area engaging local year 8+ students. Co-designed by DXC, Manchester United Foundation and local teachers, the programme will enable young people to learn about emerging technologies like machine learning and big data, alongside developing skills in communication, critical thinking, personal branding, and time management. The opportunities are endless."

DXC Technology is a community-focused employer 

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