DXC program promotes inclusion of Māori and Pacific culture

DXC program promotes inclusion of Māori and Pacific culture

 November 22, 2022

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Inclusive employer DXC Technology (DXC) is committed to embracing Māori and Pacific culture through business, employment opportunities and community initiatives.

The company has launched the Māori and Pacific Peoples Program, which has the mandate to encourage, promote and support Māori and Pacific culture at DXC.

Embracing Māori and Pacific culture

DXC's vision is to have Māori and Pacific culture embraced as an authentic part of DXC values and behaviours such as:

  • Developing a strategy that will help advance the vision and objectives of the Māori and Pacific Peoples Program at DXC
  • Improving awareness and knowledge of Māori and Pacific culture among DXC staff by investing in resources, training and professional development
  • Creating and promoting new career opportunities at DXC for Māori and Pacific graduates and experienced professionals
  • Engaging with Māori and Pacific peoples in the communities DXC operates in
  • Evaluating supply chain and partnerships to identify opportunities to partner with Māori and Pacific businesses

Representing DXC's inclusion efforts through art

DXC inclusion

DXC commissioned artwork to represent Māori & Pasifika and the company's commitment to promoting and providing ICT career opportunities for future Māori and Pasifika generations.

"The created artwork/insignia represents the DXC Māori and Pacific Peoples Program. It signifies an opportunity to bring together, and collaborate with, Kaupapa Māori and core Pacific frameworks which are built on mutual trust, respect, reciprocity and whanaungatanga," explains artist Lincoln Moa, Senior Designer at The Cause Collective.

"DXC's desire to promote, and provide opportunities for Māori and Pacific peoples will strengthen relationships through collaboration, and integrate values and behaviours for mutual beneficial relationships."

Themes and impacts of the program

DXC employees

Themes of DXC's Māori and Pacific Peoples Program are:

  • Business partnership (Kotahitanga): Drive to improve Māori and Pacific businesses in Aotearoa
  • Education and career pathways (Mātauranga): Create new education and career opportunities in the technology industry for Māori and Pacific people
  • DXC culture within Aotearoa (Whanaungatanga): Aspire to be an employer of choice for Māori and Pacific peoples and foster cultural awareness within DXC
  • Community engagement (Kaitiakitanga): Strive in DXC's key commitment to engage with Māori and Pacific communities to promote understanding and fairness

DXC envisages the following impacts of the program:

  • Career opportunities: Creating new education pathways for the Māori and Pacific community into jobs
  • Cultural inclusion: Commitment to ensure DXC employees are trained through cultural awareness training
  • Community commitment: Increasing number and spend of Māori and Pacific business in the community by strengthening existing partnerships and building new ones

Forge a career with an inclusive company 

Diversity is reflected in DXC's inclusive environment that embraces many cultures, backgrounds, values and ideas offered by its global workforce.

Search jobs at DXC Technology and bring unique contributions to the business.


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