Capgemini's Deepa Puten Variam says trust is a core value

 November 22, 2022

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Capgemini celebrates transformational leaders in a series of stories sharing insights and experiences from its own inspiring women. From Project Manager to Director, Deepa Puthan Variam transformed her team’s cross-cultural and global relationship’s through her dedication to meticulous data reports that inform decision-making.

Using data and innovation as a shared language 

Using data and innovation as a shared language, Deepa reveals the trust and relationship building she transcends across all cultures. 

"Trust is like a backbone or a core value that is the same across diverse cultures. Being a people person myself I've enjoyed working with people from diverse cultures to learn about their thought process and their working," shares Deepa. 

"Data is a single language," explains Deepa. "I can really use the power of data to build confidence in myself build, trust with the customer and then make that a bond everlasting."

A common goal shared across diverse backgrounds

Remembering a collaboration with a Japanese customer, Deepa stated that the interaction reminded her of the team spirit and the fun they had together. "Though we were from diverse cultural backgrounds we had a common goal, and we worked together," she said. 

Deepa concludes: "As a people person myself I think a combination of an engineer and a people person has helped me build a better relationship as a leader with my team. Trust is like a backbone paid with a Japanese customer or an American customer, trust remains to be one of those core values."

Capgemini employees embrace a diverse culture 

Capgemini fosters a diverse workplace culture for employees and customers. 

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