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Imagine it. Delivered. AECOMs innovative spirit

Imagine it. Delivered. AECOM's innovative spirit

 June 01, 2017

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AECOM has celebrated a decade as a public company dedicated to thinking without limits to deliver a better world. Inspired by the creativity of its employees, partners and clients, AECOM rang the Opening Bell at the New York Stock Exchange. They're looking forward to many more years bringing people and ideas together to create the extraordinary.

“It’s a tremendous honor for all of us at AECOM to ring The Opening Bell for the second time at the NYSE, underscoring the progress we’ve made on our journey to become the world’s premier, fully integrated infrastructure firm,” said ‎Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Michael Burke. “Since our initial public offering a decade ago, we have significantly expanded our capabilities and grown our global footprint. I am proud to share this moment with our incredible employees as well as our visionary clients, whom we partner with to deliver innovative solutions for the world’s most complex challenges.”

AECOM's first television commercial

Also, AECOM has partnered with Oscar-nominated director John Singleton to produce AECOM’s first television commercial. It tells the story of a young surfer from South LA who embarks on an early morning journey via the LA Metro’s Expo Line to reach Santa Monica beach by sunrise. Angeleno, who has been telling the story of LA as a city for his entire career, takes interest in the work AECOM is doing with the LA Metro expansion.

Imagine it. Delivered.

AECOM brings the best minds together to spark better ideas, connect neighborhoods and create opportunity. This innovative spirit is captured in AECOM's commercial and in their new tagline, Imagine it. Delivered. Both a call to action and a promise to their clients, AECOM's tagline says bring them your impossible and they’re there to make it a reality.

An exciting time in the infrastructure space

"There’s never been a more exciting time to be in the infrastructure space. The need is tremendous. Urbanization is affecting entire regions. Cities are transforming. New technologies are creating opportunity. In the face of climate change and uncertainty there’s crucial need for resilience and security," says AECOM's Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Heather Rim.

"AECOM is in a unique position to address many of the world’s most pressing issues. We’re only limited by the magnitude of our clients’ dreams and aspirations. We have an incredible story, and now it’s time for the world to hear it."

Women wanting an exciting career should consider AECOM

There has never been a better time for talented women to join AECOM - exciting jobs, amazing projects globally, excellent support for women's careers, flexible working, superb role models and support groups - and so much more.


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