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WTW's Pia Read Crawford explains her apprenticeship

 January 10, 2023

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WTW's 2023 apprenticeship roles are open!

Candidates looking for a career change or an alternative path to university could find that a WTW apprenticeship is the perfect fit. 

Here, Technical Support Assistant/Former Apprentice, Pia Read Crawford shares some insight into what it's like to be an apprentice at WTW.

Balancing work and study 

Looking at how apprentices balance work and study obligations, Pia, says: "I chose WTW because it is a well-known company and it offered me a great opportunity to develop both my technical and professional skills. A standard of the apprenticeship program is the requirement for 20 per cent off-for-job learning. So this will include things such as attending webinars or workshops, and you'll be able to plan with your line manager how you want to allocate that 20 percent throughout the week."

When asked whether there is a guaranteed position at WTW after an apprenticeship, Pia explains: "The job role that you have once starting your apprenticeship will be the job role that you keep once you've completed your program."

September intakes for WTW apprenticeships 

Explaining apprenticeship start dates, Pia says: "The main intake of apprentices is usually in September, but there can sometimes be an opportunity to start slightly earlier if the apprentice and the business area agree to do so. Most apprentices will start on the first Monday of September unless there has been an agreement to start earlier. The length of an apprenticeship will vary depending on the individual program, but it will last at least one year and can be around 30 to 36 months."

Company-wide values of inclusion and diversity

Pia's favorite part of working at WTW is the culture. "The people I work with make it an enjoyable place to be and there are company-wide values of inclusion and diversity," she shares.

Reflecting on her achievements so far, Pia concludes: "After two years I was able to complete my apprenticeship and during that time I gained six certifications and developed my tech skills with my prior experience."

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WTW offers exciting apprenticeship opportunities 

Looking to kickstart an exciting career?

WTW apprenticeships offer a myriad of opportunity, so take a look! 


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