NTU Assoc. Professor discusses the Vivienne Westwood brand

NTU Assoc. Professor discusses the Vivienne Westwood brand

 January 11, 2023

Nottingham Trent University employs female thought leaders whose work is often featured in the media. 

Associate Professor in Fashion Marketing & Branding, Naomi Braithwaite, is featured by The Conversation as she looks at how the Vivienne Westwood brand will maintain the spirit of transgression and rebellion post the iconic designer's death.

A profound impact of fashion and culture 

Vivienne Westwood

Image source: Seth Whales, CC BY-SA 3.0

"The death of the English fashion designer Dame Vivienne Westwood at the age of 81 on December, 29 2022, has not only moved the fashion industry, but the world. Through her designs and her activism, Westwood had a profound impact on fashion and culture." explains Naomi.

Crediting Vivienne Westwood for inspiring her passion for fashion, Naomi highlights that while some may question the future of the brand following the designer's death, Vivienne Westwood could follow the likes of Christian Dior and Alexandra McQueen, whose fashion labels continued to thrive post-humanely.  

"Like Dior and McQueen, Westwood’s legacy is secure in the hands of a designer who has worked closely with her for years, in this case her husband Andreas Kronthaler. Their personal and creative partnership has seen a meeting of minds through a shared vision for the Westwood brand and passion for design, art history and inspiring future generations," explained Naomi. 

A leader in transgressive design 

Looking at Vivienne Westwood's impact beyond design, Naomi highlighted that: "As well as being a leader in transgressive design, Westwood has left a legacy in fashion activism. Never afraid to speak her mind, she was vocal against capitalism and the decline of the environment. Her activism was at the heart of her global brand. For Westwood, fashion was a way to get people involved in politics and other societal issues. Westwood’s story is compelling, radical and sometimes controversial. Her work is imbued with a spirit of rebellion and there is hope that with Kronthaler that spirit will continue."

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