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GKN is attracting impressive women from around the world

GKN is attracting impressive women from around the world

 June 14, 2017

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Every day global engineering and manufacturing company, GKN, drives the wheels of hundreds of millions of cars, they help thousands of aircraft to fly, they deliver the power to move earth and harvest crops, and they make essential components for industries that touch lives across the globe.

Meet the diverse GKN employees from around the world

GKN celebrates the diverse culture within its global business and recognising that there is still a lot of work to do in inspiring a new generation of bright minds into the engineering sector.

As a global engineering company, innovation is what differentiates GKN from its competitors and is central to its success.

A balance of cultures, ethnicities and genders help bring new ideas and creativity to GKN. The company needs people of different backgrounds, with different skills and perspectives to spark originality, imagination and creativeness in its teams around the world.

Gender equality is a priority at GKN

GKN set a goal for 2020 that 20% of GKN’s leadership should be women, and in time, 20% should be from under-represented ethnic groups. GKN seeks to continue to be a great place to work and they pride themselves on being unique, so they certainly need their employees to be different too.

Women engineers at GKN understand the need for diversity

Women engineers at GKN openly share their views on the value that diverse perspectives and skills bring to GKN's workforce and to the engineering sector in general.

“More and more businesses and the world are embracing the benefits brought by more involvement of women: a different perspective, a more collaborative attitude and a practical approach,” says Corina Junghetu from GKN.

“For businesses, being diverse means more perspectives and more options, unlocking potential and sparking a new level of innovative thinking,” says Anna Keeling from GKN Aerospace.

Join the exceptionally talented women engineers at GKN

Read about the GKN employees achieving their potential through exciting and meaningful engineering projects.

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