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WSP engineers are creating a safer and more sustainable future

WSP engineers are creating a safer and more sustainable future

 March 05, 2023

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WSP is a leading engineering and environmental professional services consulting firm that supports significant multidisciplinary projects in both the built and natural environments.

Everyday, somewhere around the world, WSP's engineers are working to create a better future and a more sustainable world for everyone.

In recognition of World Engineering Day, WSP Senior Consultant, Liveable Places, UK, Susan Leadbetter and WSP Water Resources Engineer, U.S., Pranoti Deshmukh, share how engineering is creating better, safer and more sustainable solutions and places across the globe.

"This World Engineering Day, we send a big thank you to engineers around the world," said WSP

Improving transport with a clear purpose

Drawing on over 130 years of technical excellence, WSP offers a holistic approach to the transport and infrastructure planning, design and management. The company brings the latest technologies and a culture of innovation to its work to meet community needs for mobility, connectivity, sustainability and resiliency.

WSP promotes a culture in which inclusion, diversity and equity (ID&E) are expected and valued. It also strives to create a sense of belonging for all, and its approach reflects the company's wider commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters.

"Designing safer places for women goes beyond the physical infrastructure. The planning and design process must be participatory, where under-represented views are accounted for. In doing so, we can design and create better and safer spaces for everyone," commented Susan.

Implementing sustainable solutions

Water management has become a great concern to municipalities, water services suppliers and to the industrial and agricultural sectors. With population growth and increasing competition for available and suitable water resources, all parties have been prioritizing efficient water resource management and seeking solutions to sustainably reduce consumption and losses.

"We are using our technical skills and expertise to design and repair our water infrastructure, and implement sustainable and resilient solutions that address current and future water challenges," explained Pranoti.

Embark on a rewarding career helping WSP engineer the future

WSP is a collaborative team of experts that thrive on challenge and unconventional thinking.

Join WSP in doing purposeful, sustainable work that helps shape communities and the future.

Search the career opportunities available with WSP and apply.


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