Tammie Coleman is a Honeywell veteran making an impact

Tammie Coleman is a Honeywell veteran making an impact

 March 16, 2023

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Tammie ColemanGroup Leader ASM-Laser, is a Honeywell veteran who has made a significant impact on many who have passed through the doors at the Minneapolis site. When she is not helping shape futures at work, you'll find Tammie caring for those in her community.

Helping others succeed in their careers 

"I've been at Honeywell for 44 years. I love my job. I love it because it allows me to interact with different people, it allows for people to trust me, it allows me to succeed in having other people succeed in other jobs that they want to go to," shares Tammie. 

"A lot of people come on my line, and they've gone on to be supervisors, group leaders, and managers, so they come to me first, so that's a happy feeling."

Developing people for the future of Honeywell 

"I'm a grandmother, great-grandmother, and I've just recently adopted three children. I love my family and I try to help other people outside that's less fortunate than myself, with toys, food, money and babysitting. When I leave my job here I go home and I babysit eight kids," explains Tammie. 

For Tammie, being a future shaper is helping to develop people in their career going forward for the future for Honeywell.

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