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Army veteran Sarah Wilmot enjoys the community at DHL

 April 18, 2023

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DHL colleagues are at the heart of what the company does.

Meet Military Recruitment Manager Sarah Wilmot who shares how she supports veterans into their next career.

Finding the right role at DHL 

Sarah is able to use her experience and insight to help people find the right role at DHL Supply Chain.

"I'm the Military Recruitment Manager. I was an Army welfare worker within the Army welfare service," shares Sarah. 

"The things I love about my job is I'm able to support service personnel into their next career, help them with some of the difficulties they may face, and just extend the understanding that I have to be able to give them the best opportunity and find them the right role within DHL," explains Sarah.

Supporting people in their next steps 

"The skills I'm able to transfer from my military career are empathy and understanding, and being able to support people in their next steps and have an understanding of some of the barriers, like how they position themselves within the business, the level, help them with their CV's things and things like that. This is just to help other veterans into their next careers," she says. 

"The process of joining DHL after leaving the military for me was straightforward. I was allocated a buddy straight away and as soon as I started within the business, other veterans came forward and offered their support and just I just felt part of another community. It's really great and really easy."

DHL supports military veterans into new careers

Military veterans ready to take on a new challenge can excel with top employer DHL

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