QBE Data Scientist Devanshi Upreti uses machine learning

QBE Data Scientist Devanshi Upreti uses machine learning

 April 26, 2023

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Committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace, QBE European Operations boasts many female data and tech professionals within the organization who are empowered to reach their full potential. 

Meet Devanshi Upreti, who works as a Lead Data Scientist at QBE European Operations.

Devanshi's role involves building advanced data products using Machine Learning to support strategic decision-making for the business. Further responsibilities include shaping the future direction for the team and taking care of learning and development to ensure that there are exciting opportunities to constantly develop the team further.

Innovating in a new area at QBE

Devanshi completed her Bachelors in Computer Systems Engineering from Cardiff University and started working as a Business Analyst for the ecommerce grocer Ocado. There, Devanshi received a first-hand opportunity to see how data analysis supported business operations and decision-making.

"Furthermore, over the years, I was exposed to digital product development and elements of UI/UX design being supported by advanced data products which I thought was quite powerful. This led me to pursue my MSc in Data Science from City, University of London. More recently, I joined QBE which provided me with an opportunity to innovate in a greenfield area and in a completely different industry that I was used to," explains Devanshi.

Starting a career in data science 

When asked how she got into a career in data science, Devanshi says: "When I was doing my bachelors, I really enjoyed studying databases and dabbling in SQL. At that time, I did not want to be a pure software developer therefore I accepted a job as a Business Analyst where I was doing a lot of data analysis and building data tools in Excel. However, the coder inside me was not satisfied and I wanted to do something that was a blend of data analysis and programming when I stumbled upon Data Science. I was immediately drawn to the direct impact that data products could have in the business."

Devanshi continues: "The more I researched the more it resonated with me, which led to a part-time masters in the subject. Meanwhile, I also started looking for opportunities within the company and took on a Product Analyst role. I was incredibly fortunate to study whilst being able to apply my learnings directly on the job although managing both was tough. However, as Roy Bennett rightly said, “Your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of your life. Tough situations build strong people in the end.” Roy T. Bennett is the author of The Light in the Heart. He loves sharing positive thoughts and creative insight that has helped countless people to live a successful and fulfilling life. He hopes that his writing will help you become what you are capable of becoming. It has been a rewarding journey and I would do it all again!"

Working in a diverse and supportive team

Devanshi describes the QBE Data Science team as a "mix of people from various backgrounds" which "keeps it interesting".

At QBE European Operations, Devanshi finds everyone to be really friendly and supportive. "We have a wide range of projects across different product lines so there are opportunities to learn from each other’s work. When not working, you can find us engaged in various lunches and other fun activities around London," adds Devanshi.

Propelling Data Science to the forefront 

According to Devanshi, Data Science has changed in recent years as an increasing number of companies across industries are now becoming aware of the power of data.

"This has cascaded down to recognizing Data Science as an essential capability for business operations and growth. It has also been supported with regulatory frameworks that has allowed businesses to invest more in the area. From an applied perspective, Data Science has evolved at an amazingly fast pace over the years," comments Devanshi.

"There is a lot of research and there is always something new coming up, but also in a business context, digital offerings became so important during the Covid era. This has propelled Data Science to be at the forefront of customer journeys across multiple channels to provide a seamless experience. In terms of trends, I think innovative products using VR/AR that keep customers excited and engaged are going to be key themes," adds Devanshi.

Sharing her data science career advice 

And Devanshi's career advice for someone starting out in data science? "Be curious, seek opportunities and try various things. We all have different preferences and there are so many paths in Data Science from analytics to deep learning, in business applications or academia. The options are plenty. So, take the time to explore and figure out what you like and then work on mastering it."

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