DXC Technology actively supports women into leadership positions

DXC Technology actively supports women into leadership positions

 September 07, 2023

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Meet DXC Technology's Roshini. Roshini shares a testimonial that echoes DXC's commitment to empowering women to step into leadership positions.

Promoting a culture of openness and transparency 

"In DXC Technology I feel like my voice is heard and my opinion matters," shares Roshini.

"The organization promotes a culture of openness and transparency. It's really refreshing to work for a company which encourages diversity and employees to take leadership roles."

Driving positive change 

DXC Technology believes that when everyone has an equal opportunity to lead. DXC collectively drives positive change and make impactful decisions. 

DXC has an inclusive and diverse culture 

DXC Technology believes in equality and is proud of its inclusive and diverse culture that powers its results.

Aply for a leadership role at DXC Technology

Being heard and feeling valued are important factors in any workplace. 

DXC Technology actively encourages and supports women to take on leadership roles. 

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