Theramex celebrates six years of reinventing women’s health

Theramex celebrates six years of reinventing women’s health

 February 15, 2024

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Theramex celebrates six years of reinventing women's health. From its inception in 2018 to the current day, Theramex continues to build a future where every woman's health concern is heard, understood and addressed.

Although Theramex has transformed and grown as a company, its mission and core purpose remain the same: to be a life partner to women and empower them to learn more about comprehensive and innovative solutions suited to their lifestyle.

"Happy sixth birthday Theramex, six years reinventing women’s health," congratulated the company.

Theramex Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Robert Stewart, Chief Human Resources Officer, Anjuna Kalsi, and the company's General Managers have shared their insight on what it's like working with Theramex and what their birthday wish for Theramex is.

Diverse team devoted to women's health

Theramex has so far enjoyed six years of hard work and dedication from its teams globally. It continues to work towards becoming the benchmark company in women's health and continuing to empower women to take ownership of their own life. Over the last six years, the company has remained devoted to women's health, guiding women through various stages of their life.

"Whether you're a past employee or a current employee, together we have created a global speciality pharmaceutical company at the forefront of women's health," explained Theramex CEO, Robert Stewart.

"My birthday wish is to be the most successful women's health company globally with the most enviable, diverse talent," commented Chief Human Resources Officer, Anjuna Kalsi.

Putting women's needs at the forefront of its work

Theramex has worked hard for all six years, seeing it continue to focus on women and putting their needs at the forefront of everything it does. The company is committed to adding more geographies and continuing to help more women across the globe as it aims to become the leader in the industry.

"Everyone that works at Theramex feels that passion, that feels that drive and that focus to do that, and that people that work here are developed, they want to be here and that this is a great place for them to grow, both as individuals, but in their careers," said Theramex General Manager, UK and Ireland, Tina Backhouse.

"May the coming year be filled with even more opportunities for growth, collaboration and personal achievement. Thank you Theramex for an extraordinary year," shared Theramex General Manager, France, Cherifa Levet.

Join an employer committed to supporting women's health needs

Every member of Theramex's team has a genuine passion for improving the lives of women around the world.

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