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Amazon’s new fulfillment centres need outstanding new talent

Amazon’s new fulfillment centres need outstanding new talent

 February 01, 2018

Amazon fulfillment jobs

As a company that delivers millions of products to hundreds of countries via more than 80 Fulfillment Centers worldwide, Amazon is growing at a pace that requires the best and brightest talent to be brought in to the company to help it continue to make history.

A large number of new Fulfillment Centres have now been opened across the country and Amazon wants the best employee talent to work there.

Fulfillment Centres have now opened in Amiens and Brétigny-sur-orge in France; Dortmund, Frankenthal, Werne, and Winsen in Germany; Rome, Torrazza Piemonte, Vercelli in Italy; Sered in Slovakia; Barcelona and Illescas in Spain; Sosnowiec and Szczecin in Poland; and, Bolton, Bristol, Coventry, Daventry, Doncaster, Tilbury, Warrington in the UK.

So what does a career in Fulfillment look like?

Today, Amazon employees work in technology-enabled environments where it is used to improve processes and assist with daily functions.

Amazon’s technology and processes deal with challenges ranging from random stow and pick, through to box sizing algorithms. Their software determines the shortest, most efficient walking route from one place to another. Amazon’s SLAM process (Scan, Label, Apply, Manifest) remains a revolutionary innovation for customers because it speeds up the packing process and helps ensure accurate deliveries. These are just some of the exciting aspects you’ll see working at Amazon.

With a rich history of developing and introducing cutting-edge technology, Amazon fulfillment centres are a very exciting place to work. And there’s always a great sense of joy, teamwork and support within its teams.

Amazon has job vacancies at their new fulfillment centres including in Finance, Operations, Engineering, HR, and Information Technology.

An innovative approach to business

Driven by innovation, Amazon is doing things everyday that have never been done before. By creating a diverse and inclusive workforce on its logistics teams, new ideas and approaches come to life that may never have been considered before.

More and more organisations are starting to learn the importance of this diversity in the workplace, and Amazon is confident that it is what has led to much of its innovative business ideas.

More women needed in Logistics

The volume of women entering the logistics industry needs more work. According to Amazon EU Senior Program Manager - Talent Acquisition and Diversity/Inclusion, Isheeta Bali, there is no simple fix. “The issue of attracting women into the logistics trade is a perennial issue that has no silver bullet solution, and not one company can solve this industry-wide, even societal problem,” explains Isheeta.

But by attracting and developing talented women who seek to apply their skills and grow their career within operations, Amazon believes they can make logistics, supply chain and operations more inclusive.

An environment where employees can be themselves

Amazon’s Isheeta Bali is clear however that the issue of perfecting an organisational workforce should not just be limited to the sole issue of introducing women to the logistics trade. What must be achieved is an overall healthy dynamic where employees are encouraged to be themselves and are free to share ideas, while being supported to share different perspectives. Regardless of their role, Amazonians should always remain focused on working hard, having fun and making history.

Join Amazon’s logistics teams at an exciting time of growth

As more and more fulfillment centres are being opened across the world, Amazon has an amazing selection of exciting career opportunities. Passionate candidates seeking great career growth via the support of an amazing global business, should take a look at the current vacancies Amazon has on offer. It’s a very exciting time to be part of Amazon’s growth.

Amazon fulfillment jobs


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