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Caterpillars Karen enjoys contributing to a greater cause

Caterpillar's Karen enjoys contributing to a greater cause

 April 05, 2018

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In her role as a team leader at Caterpillar's Clayton facility, Karen Worley is thriving in her career due to her unwavering passion for her work.

“I enjoy helping others succeed and working to improve quality and safety within our facility,” says Karen, who loves feeling a sense of accomplishment as her team contributes to the overall success of the company.

Employees like Karen understand what it means to be a part of a leading manufacturing organization, but manufacturing means more to Karen and her team than simply generating products. To Karen, being on Team Caterpillar means “taking pride in assembling and creating products, while also delivering quality to our customers.”

Being involved in a cause greater than oneself is the driving force behind Caterpillar employees’ hard work.

Caterpillar is helping to build a better world by providing its customers the products and tools necessary to build the world’s infrastructure. Find out how you can join them in their mission via an exciting career.

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