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Ximena recruits top professional talent for McKesson

Ximena recruits top professional talent for McKesson

 May 30, 2018

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As Vice President for Executive Talent Acquisition, Ximena Juncosa sources top professionals for global healthcare provider, McKesson, to strengthen their executive team. As the company continues to thrive and grow, finding and promoting the right talent is instrumental to success, so Ximena and her team developed an in-house executive search function to source the industry's best and brightest.

McKesson is an amazing place to work

Ximena is a people-person and a natural connector; perhaps that's what makes her excellent at her job. One of the most exciting things for her, is watching the people she has brought into the business do amazing work and make a significant impact every single day. But, the talent marketplace is competitive, so Ximena and her team have to move fast to secure the very best.

“The competitors, landscape and the industry is rapidly evolving,” explains Ximena. “We have a culture that not many companies can claim, and we need to make sure the world knows it. We are partnering with communications colleagues to highlight our executives, the work they do, the diversity they bring to McKesson, and how they represent our communities. We’re also getting into the marketplace to network with executives that we want to join McKesson now or in the future. We shouldn’t be afraid to share our successes as we’re all very proud of what we do.”

An unexpected career path with huge success

Ximena didn’t plan her HR career but now can’t imagine doing anything else. “Like many people, I kind of fell into human resources,” Ximena explains. “Early in my career, I covered for a colleague on leave in an administrative capacity to the human resources team. The head of HR saw something in me, created a role for me and took me under her wing.”

“I started in recruiting and then went on to progressive HR roles first in the luxury hotel segment and then in corporate America. Several years back, I was asked to lead the Executive Talent Center of Excellence at another company and I absolutely loved it. It was this perfect mix of people development as I worked closely with the talent management team on succession, executive recruiting and so forth. I was leading a team of very gifted recruiters that sourced fantastic talent, consulting with executives and I certainly found my niche in providing value.”

Ximena’s role with McKesson allows her to play to her many strengths and brings out her passion for the healthcare industry. “I feel that people are starting to notice the talent that we’re bringing to McKesson and the part we play with our internal talent. I believe anyone who has worked with our team would agree that our expertise is immensely important,” suggests Ximena.

A collaborative culture focusing on outputs

As one might expect from the oldest and largest healthcare company in the US, the McKesson culture is hugely collaborative and emphasis is placed on building relationships.

“Don’t be fooled,” says Ximena, “although, treating people with respect and building solid relationships is the way we get things done in this heavily execution focused culture, we’re in the midst of a significant transformation and without sounding cliché, we recognize that what got us here successfully today is not necessarily what is going to get us there tomorrow. Traditionally, we have been risk averse but now we’re leaning towards disruption, innovation, agility … and looking constantly at how to do things differently, better, faster. It’s truly exciting times at McKesson.”

McKesson career advice

Top career advice from a talented senior leader

When asked what career advice she would offer to others, Ximena says “Don’t wait. Don’t wait to be tapped for that next opportunity. Make sure people around you know you want it; don’t wait to show people all that you have. Show them every chance you have. It’s easy to wait for that perfect moment to come for anything in life, but sometimes opportunities aren’t wrapped up in a pretty box with a bow. You just have to go and find them.”

Diversity is truly key to McKesson

As a prime employer for women, when it comes to diversity and gender parity, McKesson is leading the way in the global healthcare industry. “I’m so excited about the diversity and inclusion journey that we’re on at McKesson,” states Ximena. “We’re in the process of searching for our next diversity leader and my team has the privilege of leading that search. As a Latina woman, this is an area for which I have a lot of passion. The most essential part of our journey is the support from CEO, John Hammergren, the rest of the executive committee and the board. It is refreshing to see that we don’t have to ‘explain’ to anyone how important diversity is, they already understand. I get to work with our most senior leaders and watch how they integrate this inclusive thinking into every hiring decision we make.”

Ximena also serves as the National Chair for PALMa, McKesson’s Hispanic Resource group. She is looking forward to the work they have ahead of them and she is working closely with Jorge Figueredo, CHRO and Executive sponsor to drive significant change across the business.

Ximena has also had the opportunity to serve on a panel for the Georgia Diversity Council - Women Blazing Trails. One of the pieces of advice she gave the audience was to always bring their authentic selves to work. “You are someone who is unique and you have your own set of talents,” says Ximena. “You were likely hired into your role because you are qualified for it, but it’s the other attributes which you bring that make you truly special. Being able to share that uniqueness here is one of the many things that makes McKesson a cool place to work … so don’t forget to bring that person every day.”

McKesson women

Raise the bar and aim for excellence

“Best is the enemy of Better,” is Ximena’s favorite quote and it has served her well throughout her career. “It’s so easy to say you tried your “best” and sometimes you can hide behind that phrase,” Ximena explains. “I’m someone who always aims for excellence and once achieved, raises the bar.” Ximena is particularly appreciative of her amazing mentor, a human resources leader who took her under her wing early in her career. “I’m grateful every day for the time she invested in me,” says Ximena. “While she and I went on to work for different companies, she has been integral to my career path.”

McKesson recruitment - diversity women

Leading a balanced life between work and family

Ximena has always been what many may call a "people person" and she loves to travel and entertain. Originally from Lima, Peru, with a husband from Barcelona, Spain, the couple met and soon joined two very different universes but continued their shared passion for travel and exploring new places, foods and music together. Family is a central focus for Ximena and she spends as much time as she can being with and entertaining her family and friends. As a mother of three kids, instilling a servant heart in her children is also key. Whether it’s on a mission trip, community service or simply helping someone who needs support forms a large part of who she is.

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