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Engineer Claire Castleman has a brilliant career at Eaton

Engineer Claire Castleman has a brilliant career at Eaton

 June 12, 2018

At only 27 years of age, Claire Castleman, Sustainability Analyst at Eaton has been named as a GreenBiz ‘30 under 30’ for her inspiring leadership. Each day Claire enjoys integrating world-changing sustainability into her work. "I want to redesign the way business thinks about value and using the societal and environmental values that an organization is providing metrics for success," remarks Claire confidently.  

Claire, who studied mechanical engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, started her Eaton career as a mechanical design engineer in 2012 in the engineering technology leadership rotational programme. Her second rotation was in a corporate sustainability role in 2013, and she was promoted after just ten months to her current position of sustainability analyst. Claire became the first person to oversee sustainability initiatives for the company. Now her role involves defining Eaton's corporate sustainability strategy, focusing on employee engagement, transparency, footprint reduction, and increasing the positive impact of their product portfolio. What an achievement—and what a totally amazing career so far.

Claire has also been named as a STEP Ahead emerging young leader for Women in Manufacturing following her work as a strategic partner and technical lead on many elements of Eaton’s Corporate Sustainability programmes. As a testament to her work, Claire has helped the company reach aggressive environmental goals such as waste to landfill reduction; over 120 Eaton sites now send no waste to the landfill. She has also been leading Eaton’s participation in the Net Positive Project, developing a methodology for calculating the positive impacts of organizations activities and product innovations. Claire is currently working with the engineering function to create a tool to calculate the positive environmental and societal benefits of every product that goes through Eaton’s new product development process.

“Global manufacturing has a huge environmental and social footprint. I'm passionate about harnessing the enormous opportunity of the industry as a whole to move toward sustainable development. Manufacturers' capabilities to use advanced technology and drive toward a shared purpose can create a healthier, more just and sustainable world.”

Claire Castleman, Sustainability Analyst at Eaton 

Claire is an inspiration for young leaders in the sector  

Claire actively supports Eaton’s Young Leaders community where she helps connect emerging talent in the organization to communicate about relevant issues. Her communication style, maturity, thoughtfulness, and enthusiasm mean that Claire is a great role model and mentor to many colleagues from different regions, countries, backgrounds and ages—including from within Eaton’s own senior leadership.  

Claire exhibits a strong passion for making the world a better place and she is involved in a multitude of programs and initiatives that stimulate and challenge her intellect. As a board member of Alliance for the Great Lakes, Claire champions the health and cleanliness of lakes through advocacy and grassroots action. She is also a board member for the Cleveland Climate Action Fund, where she participates in leading climate change mitigation projects with the City of Cleveland.

Claire’s energy and drive have also spurred a number of exciting new initiatives at Eaton’s North American headquarters in Beachwood, Ohio including an apiary project that benefits the environment, educates the workforce on environmental issues and engages employees in new ways to make a difference for the planet and their own health.  

“We’re at an inflection point in manufacturing,” says Claire. “Global populations are growing and becoming more affluent, so consumption will increase, theoretically leading to increased emissions, pollution, social inequality, and other negative impacts.

“But we have the capability to change this paradigm. If we innovate new ways of manufacturing, we can meet the needs of increased consumption while at the same time creating regenerative environments, social equity, and thriving communities. I’m inspired every day to allow our company to be one where increased growth necessarily means improved environmental and societal benefit.”    

Eaton provides impressive support for women in STEM

As a sponsor of the IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership Conference in San Jose, Eaton is a progressive and inclusive employer - and they offer tremendous support and encouragement to women in STEM careers. Eaton is are very supportive of young graduates and interns. They recently filed multiple patents and created a product prototype from some groundbreaking technology invented by a Ph.D. student, Christopher Cousin, during his 12-week internship. Christopher describes his internship with Eaton as the  ”most aggressive and rewarding of half a dozen internships.”

Eaton women engineers

Vanessa Liddell from Michigan accepted a job at Eaton in product engineering after graduating with a mechanical engineering degree from Kettering University. She now works on projects involving medium and heavy-duty transmissions used in tractor-trailers. "For me, I wanted to feel like I was contributing and helping the business succeed, not just take up space," she said. "Plus, you learn soft skills in the workplace that enhance what you do in the classroom, like how to communicate well with diverse groups of people and global teams."  Vanessa accepted her engineering job at Eaton because it challenges her skills and includes her in big projects and the company truly values her input.

Vanessa says that she was offered more than one internship and that she chose Eaton because they really stood out and were very different. "Eaton was very inclusive and inviting - and willing to sit down and teach me something to learn and grow."

Eaton is keen to continuously attract top graduate talent into the company. "Companies are competing for the few engineering graduates coming out," said Larry Bennett, director, vehicle technologies and innovation at Eaton. "We have always had interns and co-op students, but in the last three years, we put a strategy around it."

Women at Eaton are keen to support students learn about engineering

Events that bring together talented engineering graduates are key to Eaton. Deborah Kullman, Vice President of business development and marketing in Eaton’s Vehicle Group often provides provide hands-on lessons. A recent activity saw her explaining in practical ways a lesson on the coefficient of friction and friction forces to curious students in Detroit.

Eaton engineer job vacancies

Join young and emerging leaders at Eaton

As a global power management company, Eaton helps their customers solve their greatest power challenges through industry leading electrical, aerospace, hydraulic and vehicle products and services. For more than 100 years, Eaton teams have helped people work more safely, be more energy efficient and live more sustainably.

To join young and emerging leaders like Claire and her colleagues, learn more about this truly progressive and inclusive employer. Search and apply for jobs at Eaton today.


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