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So many women love working in operations for Amazon

So many women love working in operations for Amazon

 June 13, 2018

Amazon is one of the most customer-centric companies in the world, and working with Amazon means a wealth of career opportunities for women seeking to forge a rewarding career and join a team of inspiring colleagues. 

At Amazon, they recognize that the jobs of tomorrow require a stronger aptitude for science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). That’s why they're supporting STEM education programs to better prepare students for future in-demand jobs. Amazon is a 2018 Sponsor of International Women in Engineering Day (INWED).

Find out what it's like to work for Amazon 

Amazon’s Fulfillment Centers sit at the very heart of the customer experience, delivering smiles to millions of customers from around the world. Find out what it’s like to work in an operational role for Amazon and how inspiring women are building incredible careers every day.

Women careers at Amazon

Meet the energetic Geraldine Leiros Martinez

At Amazon, Geraldine discovered how to efficiently manage time and how to develop her team by always aiming to have a do/say ratio of 1. Geraldine understands the importance of lean and transparent processes. She knows speed is key and that missing a package can happen in just milliseconds.

Geraldine loves to think fast

As an Operations manager, Geraldine oversees the entire outbound operations, and she launches projects to improve costs, quality and most importantly  customer experience. She also manages her own team and enjoys always having to think and react quickly. Everyday she learns something new, and as soon as she finds her comfort zone she looks to start a whole new direction. 

What does Geraldine say about Amazon?

“Amazon is a company that won't present you with a roadmap. You have to build that road yourself,” explains Geraldine. “You completely own your career development, and Amazon really rewards you for progress.” 

Amazon’s atmosphere is one of the most fast-paced rhythms Geraldine has been exposed to with every day presenting new challenges and opportunities. Geraldine feels incredibly proud of being part of a company that everyone talks and knows about.

What’s Geraldine’s key motivational advice?

“Raise your hand if you’re struggling with something. It’s normal to hit the wall and sometimes you might just need a little push in order to keep going. It’s all good!”

Amazon diversity inclusion

Meet Senior Operations Manager Christine Cheray

Christine has learnt to handle situations without needing full visibility of all the facts. Her current job involves people management - motivation, development, feedback. As a senior operations manager, Christine is able to motivate people, drive a team, and forge ahead with changes to create new possibilities.

Why does Christine fit well at Amazon?

Christine loves Amazon’s open culture and she’s inspired by the fact that her ideas are highly valued. She says that there are many opportunities for personal growth at Amazon, and she’s pleased that she’s discovered how to balance her working time and her personal time in conducive ways. She looks at the big picture and loves seeing all the related parts.

How is Amazon different?

“Amazon is different from many other companies in that you are rewarded for what you do, and not what you represent (such as what degree you have!),” Christine explains. 
Christine suggests that at Amazon you shouldn’t give up on something if you don’t succeed the first time. Just be tenacious and keep trying. She says that candidates should only consider working in Operations at Amazon if they’re team players because they won't be happy as a lone soldier and won’t be successful, either.

Pathway Operations at Amazon

Kriti Gupta is a Pathways Operations Manager at Amazon

Thrilling, motivating, challenging, rewarding - this is how Kriti describes her experience at Amazon.

So what cool things has Kriti learnt at Amazon?

Throughout her time at Amazon, Kriti has developed brilliant leadership skills. She’s learnt about using Process Improvement opportunities in the packing area of a Fulfillment Center, and she’s developed a great understanding of processes. Importantly, Kriti has also discovered the significance of planning, executing and delegating responsibilities in a timely manner.

What does Kriti do each day?

Kriti is responsible for operations in Pick, Sort, Pack, Ship and Outbound Problem Solve. She leads a team of eight area managers and is responsible for setting up configurations and optimizing the layout of the Pack Station. 

Kriti enjoys motivating and developing people, and she loves working on her own people management skills, too. She also likes being a subject matter expert on many different areas that have a direct impact on customer experience. She also gets to review customer comments, and she evaluates the results of actions her team takes. Kriti loves to experiment and come up with innovative solutions to challenging problems. She says she feels like an entrepreneur for a small business within Amazon.

So why does Kriti keep working at Amazon?

Amazon gives Kriti the freedom she craves to try something new, to make mistakes, to take risks, to learn valuable lessons and move on. Kriti loves that there is always continuous innovation at Amazon. And, she loves that considerable time and effort are invested by Amazon’s leadership into professional and personal development of teams.

Amazon Marta Leczycka

Meet Marta Leczycka who has a Master of Economics

Throughout her journey at Amazon, Marta has learnt to manage priorities and to lead managers who have more than 100 direct reports working for them. Marta discovered how to engage others from many different functions when there are big changes occurring. She also built her project management knowledge, What comes first, people or process?

“Make sure you learn about the people that you lead before you concentrate on the system, programs, numbers, etc.,” warns Marta. She says that young managers generally have a tendency to get connected to the computer, rather than interacting with their colleagues and learning about the team.

As a Senior Operations Manager what does Marta do?

Marta maintains and promotes health and safety standards within her area. She manages a team of Operations and Area Managers as direct reports, and is responsible for a large department in a time-critical and demanding environment. 

In managing a team of around 4,000 associates and 40 managers, Marta has to also manage scale. She uses her ability to make sharp decisions that have short-term but also long-term impact. She loves the fact that she is empowered to make important decisions on her own.

What’s next for Marta?

Various challenges arise from when the company expands into new markets and new businesses, but this is exciting for Marta. She enjoys having a career that is without limitation and doesn’t focus on just on one function alone.

Amazon corporate values

Meet football fan, Silvana Specht

Silvana developed her leadership style when she learnt a lot about how to win the trust of her associates, leads and colleagues. She developed critical thinking skills at Amazon, and especially the ability to ‘think big’.

Is Amazon flexible with its processes?

Silvana appreciates the highly dynamic and fast-paced environment at Amazon. She likes how it is possible to change processes if needed; and good efficient changes are appreciated. She likes how the senior operations manager role gives her a high level of responsibility and that she gets to work with lots of different operations managers across different shifts. Best of all, Amazon has given Silvana the possibility of changing her job seven times, yet still remaining in the same company for almost 15 years.

What’s Silvana’s career advice?

“You should not hide yourself behind colleagues,” suggests Silvana. “You can do it,” she says.

Join high achievers and big thinkers at Amazon

Fulfillment and operations teams at Amazon put customer service at the very heart of their mission. From the smallest task to the largest project, every Amazonian plays a crucial role in delivering smiles to millions of Amazon customers from around the world. For those with a pioneering spirit, Amazon is the right place to do your best work.

Amazon is recruiting. Search and apply for your next career move with one of the largest and most recognisable brands in the world. 


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