Amazon has hired three generations of women from the same family

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Three generations of great women hired at Amazon

Three generations of great women hired at Amazon

 August 13, 2018

Life’s challenges came all at once for Rita Stafford. Bereaved and broke, the mother of two worked through her grief even as she started a new job with Amazon at age 49, the first full-time job she’d ever had. 

“My husband had passed away. And there was nothing in his pension that was designated for me,” Rita said. “It was scary because I had never supported myself.”

She sold her house to pay for his funeral and moved into a tiny apartment in Monroe, Tennessee. She found a job at a fabric store, but it barely paid enough to cover the rent. “That was a tough time. People would ask me how I was doing, and I would tell them ‘fine,’ but I really wasn’t,” said Rita.

Amazon is such a positive place to work

A friend convinced her to apply for an associate position at the Amazon fulfillment center in Lebanon. A few weeks later, she was hired—picking and packing customer orders. “I remember thinking my ship had finally come in. It was just this feeling of relief because I had been struggling for so long,” she said. “It’s just such a positive place to work.”

Rita's daughter, Amber Sells, remembers the change she saw in her mom when she started working at Amazon. “It’s like she started living again,” Amber said.

So she did, at the same fulfillment center where her mom worked. “We’ve always been close,” Amber said of her relationship with her mom. “I talk to my mom every day. To be able to see her at work has made us even closer.”

A family tradition working at Amazon

Working at Amazon had become a family tradition, so it only seemed fitting to continue it. Amber's daughter, Tori Smithers, joined Amazon, too. Amber took product off the truck, Rita received it into inventory, and Tori stowed it away.

The commute ultimately proved too much for Tori and she returned to her old job much closer to home. 

Family has always come first for Rita Stafford. Working for the same company alongside her daughter and granddaughter was especially fulfilling. “It makes me proud. I got to be with both of them at work, and I still get to see my daughter and how well she’s doing at Amazon. And that’s just everything to me.”

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